3 Brilliant Ways to Improve Home Air Quality

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You may be surprised to learn that air pollution indoors is more intense than that outdoors. We tend to think that our house is a safe environment where we won’t get exposed to any viruses or allergens. Accordingly, we neglect taking care of air quality, so we become more prone to diseases.

The respiratory system cannot fight off all the harmful particles that we breathe in. For this reason, our mission is to improve the surrounding atmosphere to lower the risk of infection. Methods of improving air quality are easy and affordable. Some of them can be done naturally at home. Here’s what you need to know.

1.  Control Mold Growth

Mold is one of the worst outbreaks. At first, you won’t notice the growth. However, when you start smelling weird scents, you should begin to look for grey areas. Fortunately, you can stop this from happening by taking the necessary precautions. 


Humid conditions allow for mold growth. They are annoying, and not only because of how they smell but also because they trigger respiratory allergies and asthmatic attacks. The outbreak is typical in summer when the temperature is high, and the humidity hits the roof. This is why you should consider getting a dehumidifier. It controls moisture and keeps the weather consistent. 

Clean Carpets

Any unclean place is considered a liability. Specifically, carpets can create perfect conditions for the growth of considerable amounts of molds and mites. You have to make sure that you vacuum them regularly. Moreover, you need to disinfect the rugs every month. If you have had them for a while, you may want to consider professional cleaning because some stains and accumulated particles are hard to remove.

Fix Pipes

Leaky pipes can cause an array of problems, even if they are small. They allow mold and mildew growth. Moisture build-up is one of the side effects as well, and you may notice that when you see cracks in the wall. For that reason, if you don’t attempt to fix them as soon as possible, you will suffer from a disease-ridden home.

Cooking Vents

Making meals and using oils have a downside. Harmful gases can get leaked from the oven, such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. Furthermore, if you have burned food, the smoke coming out of it can pollute the air. Cooking vents are essential when these incidents occur. All you have to do is switch them on while preparing your meal. 


2. Purify the Air

Do you ever wonder how nice it would be if you could control the air that gets inside? Well, you can do that using simple additions. If you prefer opening the windows to breathe in some fresh air, you can purify the particles using natural materials.

Air Filter

You can prevent the entrance of dust, pollen, allergens, and airborne bacteria by using air filters. They entrap harmful substances and, as such, keep your indoor air clean. When you are shopping for air filters, pay attention to a couple of features. It’s critical to go for the product that purifies a more significant percentage. This is why you should stay away from fiberglass ones. 


You should measure the unit that you will attach the filter to, so you can avoid getting a larger or a smaller one. If you are going to purchase one from a filter online store, make sure to check their chart size, so it is easier for you to pick the right one. You should ask for the return policy because, sometimes, inaccuracies occur, and you don’t want to be stuck with a useless product. 


Greenery is a natural air purifier. We have always been taught that plants take in carbon dioxide and give us oxygen since elementary school. However, they’re a lot more advanced than that; they take in contaminants as well. Furthermore, they are great to look at, and they can be a great way to improve your home decor.   

Beeswax Candles

If you are a candle lover, you need to pick the healthy kinds. Steer clear from petroleum-based candles because they release benzene. Beeswax candles are the better option as they help get rid of toxins and contaminants, while they’re also biodegradable. They can save money as they burn more slowly, so you don’t have to keep buying a new set frequently.

Improve Air Quality

3.  Avoid Strong Scents

Fragrances are not the worst kind of pollutants, and they can actually better your mood, but sometimes, they can be too much for the lungs to handle. You should be careful while using them, especially if you are asthmatic, or if you are using them around someone with a lung condition. Moreover, detergents have a strong smell that can make you cough for days. For that reason, you should look for other products with a lighter scent to keep the household healthy. 


You should always prioritize your and your family’s well-being. Make a habit of educating yourself and everyone around you on the necessity of improving your indoor air quality. This shouldn’t be taken lightly or ignored because diseases can creep in when you least expect them. You should always be willing to invest some time and money in refining the air you breathe. 

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