How to Control Your Appetite

Your weight loss plan may already include some solid choices like a gym membership or Xenical weight loss pills. Kick it up a notch by finding ways to eat less.

Exercise Regularly

Work exercise into your routine to curb hunger. If you eat before you exercise, your body responds by making you feel less hungry. In particular, more challenging workouts like high-intensity interval training (HIIT) will make you feel fuller.

Control Your Stress Levels

Since exercise can reduce stress, adding more physical activity to your life can cut down on stress-induced eating. There are many other ways to tackle stress, like medication and talk therapy. Getting an adequate amount of sleep can also level out your mood and help you recover from stressful situations faster.

Eat the Right Foods

Foods that contain protein and good fats diminish your appetite more than foods that are stuffed with carbohydrates. Avoid red meat and choose chicken or fish instead to get more protein. Nuts are high in fat, but they are low in “bad” or saturated fat. They are also rich in protein and many vitamins, so they are a good snack to consume in moderation. You may be surprised to hear that small amounts of dark chocolate can also keep you satisfied and, as a bonus, dark chocolate contains antioxidants.

Grab a Snack Before Meals

If you eat a small, nutritious snack at least half an hour before a meal, you will probably eat a smaller serving of that meal. That is because your brain does not perceive that you are full until about thirty minutes after you eat. A bowl of soup before a meal will also make you feel sated.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water can help you lose weight in several ways. A few glasses of water throughout the day will help your stomach stay full, so you can resist overindulging in food. Your body needs water in order to burn fat. You can exercise more if you are hydrated because it can keep you from tiring out and getting muscle cramps. You also burn slightly more calories if you drink water before, during and after exercise.

Learn About Mindful Eating

Mindfulness can help stay in the moment, and it is important to do that when you eat. When you start to feel hungry, consider whether you actually need to eat, or you are feeling thirsty, bored, or stressed. Trying eating without anything else around to draw your attention. Turn off your music and TV, and concentrate on eating one bite at a time. Eating slower can help you eat less.

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