Do You Want To Learn How To Fish? Here Are The Things You Need

Fishing is an incredibly popular sport because of the variety that it offers and its accessibility to all. It can be done inland on rivers and lakes, or you can take to the open seas and try your hand at big game fishing. Fishing can also be a great way of supplementing your diet with healthy fish being incredibly nutritious, or you can just enjoy fishing as a hobby and the thrill of the catch. If you have never fished before it can be quite daunting learning about all the things that you need. So read on to learn and start your fishing journey! 

A License

The first thing that you indeed when you are considering learning to fish is an appropriate license. Regulations vary from state to state and country to country so make sure that you check with your local authorities about the right type of license for your needs. Some fish can only be fished for at certain times of the year to protect breeding stocks, so you also need to be aware of what you are intending to catch to ensure that it is in season. License fees aren’t expensive, so don’t let the cost put you off, it is better to comply with regulations from the outset than getting fined later on. 

A Reel and Rod

For a beginner, it is much better to go for a combo set of spinning reel and rod rather than buying them separately. As you become more experienced you may want to use advanced materials, but for a beginner, a starter combo set works just fine. If you’re not sure where to start, this useful buyers guide will talk you through the basics so that you can make an informed decision on the best reel for your situation, depending on whether you are going sea fishing or are heading to the local lake. Of course, there are many items of expensive equipment, but at its most basic level, you just need a rod and line to try and catch fish.

Bait and Lures

Using the right type of bait is critical if you want to catch the right type of fish. Live worms are an incredibly popular choice or you can use scented material to catch your fish. Small crustaceans can also be used or flies and crickets work very well. Minnows are a great fish bait that can be used to catch practically every species. Aside from baits, you can also use lures to try and hunt down your prey in the form of spinners, jigs, or spoons, so depending on what you are fishing for you will need to adapt your approach. Speak to the employees in your local tackle shop and they will be able to give you all the advice you need.

Want To Learn How To Fish


Knots come in useful in everyday life, but in fishing, they are paramount if you want to catch fish successfully. Imagine tying your bait and hook onto the end of the line and then you get that first bite of the day, and the fish swims off with the bait and hook. You would be extremely frustrated and you would also leave a poor fish swimming with a hook in its mouth for the rest of its days. So, before you head out for the first time, buy a book on knots and brush up on your technique so that you never lose a fish again.


Patience is one of the most important qualities needed when going fishing. If you think that you can simply turn up at the riverbank with all the kit and expect to catch a few fish for dinner, then you are sorely mistaken. Some sessions you will come away empty-handed without so much as a bite, but at other times you might be inundated with nibbles. This, however, is the beauty and the art of fishing as patience will always be rewarded and the thrill of reeling in your first catch and then cooking it on an open fire makes it all worthwhile. 


As we have discovered there are many things needed when learning how to fish. A license is a prerequisite and a reel and rod combo make a perfect choice for an absolute beginner to learn the art with. Baits and lures will help you to catch the tricky fish and learn to tie knots so that nothing escapes. Finally, remember that patience is a virtue, so if you want to catch fish you will need plenty of it!

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