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What Is the Easiest Instrument to Learn for Adults?

What Is the Easiest Instrument to Learn for Adults?

Do you want to learn how to play an instrument? The global music industry had a value of 19 billion dollars in 2018. This number has seen continued growth since then.

If you think it’s too late to learn how to play an instrument, have no fear. Whether you’re in your twenties, fifties, or eighties, what better time to learn than right now? This article has your options for the easiest instrument to learn for adults and advice on how you can get started today. 

  1. Play the Harmonica 

As perhaps the easiest instrument to learn of all, the harmonica is a popular instrument for those who want to bring their music on the go. Perfect for sitting around a campfire or entertaining your friends, the harmonica may be the best instrument to learn. 

One of the best aspects of the harmonica is that it can fit into your pocket or bag. Also, it doesn’t take much to make beautiful sounds. First, find a song to play, then blow into the harmonica, and hear the magic.

  1. Play the Ukulele 

Another portable and simple option, the ukulele has become a popular instrument in recent years. Known for its subtle, sweet sound and gentle strings, you may also find that the ukulele is one of the most fun instruments to learn. 

While guitars can often scare people away due to the rough strings and complex chords, the ukulele is much easier to grasp for most people. If you have sensitive or small fingers, this may also be a better option for you as opposed to the guitar. 

Ukuleles come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes. You may decide to choose a concert, tenor, or soprano ukulele. The main differences you’ll find in these ukuleles are with their neck size and weight. 

  1. Play the Drums

If you often find yourself tapping your feet, clapping your hands, and bopping your head along to the rhythm, you may enjoy learning to play the drums. 

When looking at a full drum kit, it can be intimidating. With so many shiny pieces and moving parts, where do you even begin? The good news is, if you have a good sense of rhythm, you’ve already gotten the first step down. 

With the drums, you can start off slow and grow your skills with practice fast. Start by using a metronome or other timer to keep the beat with drumsticks. As time goes on, you’ll be able to incorporate more intricate beats and drum patterns.

If you’re ready to fulfill your dream of becoming a drummer, check out these drum shell packs to get started today.

Find the Easiest Instrument to Learn for Adults Today

Everyone deserves to experience the beauty of playing music, no matter what their age may be. Depending on your preferences and unique style, the best instrument for you may differ from someone else. Find the easiest instrument to learn for adults by experimenting with different ones today. 

You may consider browsing the Internet for free tutorial videos or reaching out to a local music teacher. As long as you’re exercising your brain, having fun, and feeling the music, you’ll enjoy any of these instruments. 

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