How To Make Your Small Wedding Special

Small Wedding

Every year 4.8 million people get married in America, but even with so many couples getting married, each wedding is unique. If you are having a small wedding with a limited number of guests, there are some great ways of making it feel as atmospheric and exciting as a large-scale event. Choosing the right venue, getting creative with the decor, and picking a great wedding playlist can all make your big day incredibly special.

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Enjoy the music

Music is an enormous feature in weddings. Not only will you be picking out songs for the ceremony; you can also play music throughout the wedding breakfast and well into the night if you are having a reception. When you are choosing a playlist, decide on music that represents your relationship and is unique to you. Perhaps you have special music that reminds you of different events in your life, or songs with meaningful lyrics that you love. Creating an atmospheric wedding playlist can add a real personal touch to your celebration.


The right venue

If you are having a small wedding, it is imperative that you choose the right venue so that it doesn’t feel too big. If you pick a huge hall when you only have 50 people, it may seem like your guests are rattling around. Instead, choose an intimate venue that is beautifully lit to give your wedding a fairytale feel. In picking a smaller venue, you will have plenty of unique options that you wouldn’t have if you had 250 guests attending, from lighthouses overlooking the ocean to treehouses in the jungle.

Adding personal touches

When it comes to wedding decor, adding personal touches will make your big day special. You could go for a relaxed dinner party style that is intimate and fun, or a summer barbecue feel at twilight. If you are having a smaller wedding, it will give you plenty of opportunity to focus on the details. Go for fun table decorations, and choose a theme that is unique to you and your partner. You can even arrange for a few games so that your guests can get to know each other better.

A small and intimate wedding can be truly memorable with a few special touches. Choose a beautiful venue that is the right size, and fill your big day with some great music. You and your guests will have a wonderful time celebrating your wedding.

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