Rock Star Trivia: Facts About Famous Rock Stars You Never Knew!

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Oh, the lives of the rich and famous are something most of us have dreamed about. But the life of a rock star is on a whole other level.

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Check out these crazy rock star trivia facts about famous rock stars.

Rock Star Trivia: Money to Blow

Rock stars are some of the richest musicians, notorious for wild personalities and even wilder stories. Check out these facts:

  1. If only we all had money to blow on useless things like buying cheap china just to smash it all to bits to release stress. Well, that’s exactly what Dusty Springfield used to do.
  2. Elvis Presley gave a lift to a hitchhiker, but the generosity did not end there. He then ‘sold’ his truck for $1 to the man.
  3. The Doors were the first band to ever advertise an album on a billboard.

The Wild Lives of Famous Rock Stars

You may not be too surprised to hear the crazy stories of the life of a rockstar. But these facts just might:

  1. Wild, face-painted Gene Simmons was a sixth-grade teacher before starting the band, Kiss. Was air guitar a mandatory subject?
  2. Nevermind a line of cocaine to get a rock star ready to jam out. Ozzy Osbourne snorted a line of ants off the ground on tour in 1984. If anyone would do it, it would be Ozzy.
  3. Rock stars are the ultimate rebels and Lynyrd Skynyrd is a great reminder of that. The band was named after a high school teacher, Leonard Skinner, who was notorious for suspending students for having long hair.
  4. Jimmy Page is one of the best guitarists in the world, which is why no one batted an eyelid when he dated a 14-year-old girl.
  5. Not many people would turn down an offer by Prince to write a song. But Stevie Nicks did just that when Prince asked her to write the lyrics for Purple Rain.
  6. The lead guitarist from Guns N’ Roses, Slash was eight years old when he interrupted his mother and a naked David Bowie in bed.
  7. Axl Rose is an anagram for oral sex. His real name is much less PG: William Bailey.
  8. The members of Nirvana were kicked out of their own release party for the song Nevermind for starting a massive food fight.

Musical Talent

They’re famous for a reason and it’s because they are some of the best. Check out these awesome trivia facts:

  1. Rock stars through the ages often dedicated songs to each other, or sometimes wives of bandmembers. Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Freebird’ is dedicated to Duane Allman and ‘Layla’ by Eric Clapton was written for George Harrison’s wife!
  2. Keith Richards recorded the riff to ‘Satisfaction’ while he was sleeping. Imagine his surprise when he woke up to see he had a cassette recorder next to his bed and played it back to hear a riff he had no memory of recording.
  3. During WW2 the BBC used the phrase ‘Good morning America, this is London calling’ in one of their shows. This inspired the name of the band London Calling.
  4. ZZ Top came into being after two members masqueraded as the band The Zombies and even went on tour pretending to be them.
  5. A large black labrador that waltzed into Led Zeppelin’s studio inspired the title of the song ‘Black Dog’

Living Like a Rock Star

Were you surprised by any of these facts or is it what you expected from a crazy rockstar?

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