Gifted Singer/Songwriter Lonr Invites Listeners To His ‘World’

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Music has always been a reflection of culture as well as an escape from reality.  So when everything in your world reminds you of how different you are, where do you go?  Los Angeles born, Massachusetts transplant Elijah Dias better known as Lonr found himself miles away from reality in his own space that he would later declare the “Land of Nothing Real”. 

In this refuge Lonr learned to write, record and produce records in his bedroom.  His loneliness fueled songwriting genius that would be recognized by H.E.R. –  And their collaboration would earn Lonr GRAMMY nominations including “Best R&B Album”.

Lonr feature
I first heard the song “Make the Most” by Lonr during the (worst) summer in
Millennial-history.  Separated from friends and loved ones and alone with my thoughts, the song transported me to a place where I was reminded to make the most out of the connections I have. The wonderfully well-written song inspired me to listen to the entire EP.  The artist’s 2020 Land of Nothing Real EP is a vibe between virtual reality and unlimited daydreams. 

Lonr’s non-traditional R&B sound is full of ethereal melodies and dreamy lyrics about love and life’s (mis)adventures.  It’s no wonder he is continuing to gain popularity between Tik Tok, Youtube and Spotify.   But the magic of Lonr’s voice doesn’t with the debut EP.  The artist just released a new song titled, “World,” that reminds listeners that we are only in competition with ourselves, no matter the path we choose. 

Now on the verge of a new follow-up project, aptly titled “Land of Nothing Real 2” the world is watching and waiting to see what is next from the GRAMMY winning, Soul Train Best New Artist nominee.  Between writing songs and being young and unruly Lonr has plenty of other worlds to show us and a great deal left to say. 

Images by Kayla Goff

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