Talented Singer Jordan Hush Stands Out with Mature Delivery and An Incredible Voice

I was first introduced to Jordan Hush about a year ago when he was inserted into playlist a of R&B created for me by Tidal. Initially, I am always hesitant when an artist i have never heard is inserted into one of my mixes. I mean, I have a vibe I’m trying to maintain. However, Jordan Hush fit right in. His voice packs a soulful punch, but at the same time his content is mature and respectfully unedited.

That first track I was presented with was a gem titled, “Leave It In.” While I realize that might give some insight on what type of playlist I was in the midst of, the song kicked in with an aggression that was reminiscent of a young Jaheim, a young Tank or a Ke’Anthony Dillard, who I realize many may also be unfamiliar with. Nonetheless, “Leave It In” opened the floodgates for me and I discovered that the song was actually Jordan Hush’s debut single, released back in 2015. I had to give myself a pass on my ignorance and learn as much as I could about the crooner.

Jordan Hush, 26, with a voice that’s so much more developed than his age, is a native of Los Angeles. Ironically, he developed his singing chops in the church and was influenced by both R&B and Gospel music. He picked up the pen to write his first song at just 15 years old and has been penning masterful songs ever since.

In 2015 he released his debut single, “Leave It In”. He quickly followed it up with the release of his debut album, Until Later…  

stand out tracks include:  “Taught You”, “Go To Sleep”, “Alone” and “Finish Strong”

Jordan Hush Until Later...

It wasn’t until 2018 before he returned with a full length release.  While he did release several singles between albums, most of the singles didn’t appear on Until Later…II. By this project, his sound had matured, as did the production.  It still sounded like the original album of the series, but it was much more polished.

stand out tracks include:  “Hooper”, “Joke’s On You”, “Homie 2”, and “Nick @ Nite”

In January 2019, Jordan Hush was right back at it with a new project, this time a three song EP, simply titled, Not This Year.  It was great music to hold fans over, but fans are hoping that this is the year for another full length release.

Jordan is seemingly another West Coast singer who is private and likes to be heard and not seen.  The above picture is from 2015, the last shot on his social media with a clear view of his face.

Jordan is married with children, something he has shared on social media.  Music and his family seem to be his two priorities.

I’m thankful to have been introduced to Jordan Hush.  I look forward to new music, hopefully soon.  Hope you enjoy him as much as I do.


Connect with Jordan Hush on social media
Instagram:  @Hushplease
Twitter: @Jordan_Hush

Main image by:  Ian Edward White

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