Try Something New Whilst You Wait With These Blackjack Creations

Whilst you wait in the online Blackjack lobby for your next game to start, why not take a look at some of these modern takes on the classic game, and try your luck in your spare time! What could be better? Having fun whilst you wait, as well as having the chance to bag a little extra bang for your buck! Read on to find out more.

Perfect Blackjack

In the classic form of Blackjack, finding a pair in your hand doesn’t really count for much. Whilst you will have the chance to split in the hopes of pulling out something greater than your current hand, nothing is guaranteed, and there’s no immediate reward to be had. But that luck is about to change, as with Perfect Blackjack you’ll receive even bigger payouts if you successfully place a bet on a pair of cards, as well as the opportunity to place side bets worth up to 25x your first bet.

Betting starts from as little as £1 – although you can also wager as much as £5,000 if you’re feeling rather generous. This gameplay is all but focussed on making matches and identifying complementary cards to strike a deal with. First, you’ll be dealt with two cards, with the same being dished out to the dealer too. For an additional minimum of £1, you can place an aforementioned “pair bet”, which involves wagering on whether you think a pair will form in either a player’s or the dealer’s hand. Guess correctly and you’ll receive a bonus payout, if one of the following are found:

  • Red/Black pair – matching numbers worth 6x your bet
  • Coloured pair – colours and numbers match, worth 12x your bet
  • Perfect pair – colour, numbers and suit match, worth 25x your bet

Buster Blackjack

Another take on the classic card game is Buster Blackjack, a version in which the dealer going bust means more than ever! Standard rules apply during gameplay, with your main aim being to reach a total of 21 first, or to see the dealer go bust. To make things a little more exciting, the game also gives you the chance to play up to five hands at any one time, if you want to spread your bets and have a better chance of bagging a win. Much like the normal version of the game, you also have the power to split your hand and take out insurance.

There’s several different payouts that are up for grabs when the dealer goes bust in this game. You’ll receive a payout of 2x your bet if the dealer goes bust within three or four cards. Whereas if they take five cards to go bust, you’ll be looking at a reward of 4x your bet. If the dealer goes bust and you get Blackjack, then the big bucks will be yours. The top payout in this game is when the above feat is not only achieved, but with the dealer going bust with eight or more cards, paying out a whopping 2,000x your bet! All you need to do is make sure that you’ve placed these side bets before the cards are dealt – then you’re sure to be onto a winner!

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