A Classic Revisited: “Make It Last Forever” by Keith Sweat & Jacci McGhee

Although Keith Sweat had bops, on bops, on bops, “Make It Last Forever” made the list not only because it’s the title track on his debut, but because it’s a duet!  And dammit who doesn’t like a song they can grab a friend and harmonize with.

“Make It Last Forever” pulls you in right from the first ad-lib, Jacci McGhee, his duet partner sings.  That beat drops, she starts hitting you with the “Oooh, oooh, oooh, ohhhh…” and you know it’s gonna be good. “Let me hear you tell me you love me, let me hear you say you’ll never leave me.  Ooh girl that would make me feel so right.”  Yes Keith!  Tell em’ what you want.  If you tryna “Make It Last Forever” like the song says… those are words you need to hear.

And please, let’s give Jacci McGhee her props.  She might have disappeared from the scene a bit after she came and killed this song, but she made sure that she at least left a lasting impression. I mean, she legit has the best part of the song.  When she sings “No one but you baby, can make me feel…the way you make me make me make me feeeeel….”  It was the perfect lead in to Keith’s vocals on the hook.  I’m glad they pulled Ms. McGhee from background vocals to get this done because she was meant to sing this song alongside Keith Sweat!

As if all those factors weren’t enough for “Make It Last Forever” to be on the list, I have more.  It was produced by Teddy Riley.  Yes, Teddy Riley, “The King of New Jack Swing”!  At the time though, maybe just the Prince because he was still up and coming.  With Teddy on the track, the song was complete.  “Make It Last Forever” again, completes the checklist for a classic R&B song. Dope beat, check.  Quality vocals, check.  Emotional singable lyrics, check.  So one thing’s for sure, this classic track is gonna last forever.

“Make It Last Forever” was released in 1987.  It has been sampled and covered many times over since it’s original release.  Keith Sweat and Teddy Riley co-wrote the song as well as co-produced it.

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