Stop Tossing at Night: 8 Ways To Regain a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

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One night of poor sleep is rough. A continuous pattern of missed or interrupted sleep could wreak havoc on a person’s mental and physical state. Brain fog might set in, and energy levels are low. Weight gain occurs from increased lethargy and irritability increases. Some sufferers may even experience anxiety and bouts of depression. Why so much change? Sleep cycles allow the body to regenerate from the day, restoring energy levels and cognitive function. When this is missed too often, the mind might not concentrate as clearly. If you’re having trouble finding a good night’s slumber, there may be a solution. Consider the following eight steps to regaining evening peace.

1. Increase Your Physical Exertion

People have varying energy levels. While some struggle to get going, others wake up energized and keep moving. If the body isn’t worn out enough, it cannot shut down well at night, disrupting the sleep pattern. Adding a cardio routine to the day’s schedule permits people to burn calories and tire out the body. Try to avoid doing it right before bed since the movement releases endorphins that could wake the mind up. Completing a workout or run an hour or two before bed, however, may be super helpful. The endorphins, at this point, begin to drop, possibly elongating sleep waves.

2. Cut Off Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine interferes with sleep by increasing stimulation, and this reaction may last for up to eight hours after consumption; therefore, an afternoon cup of coffee could inhibit sleep start time. Stop consuming teas, energy drinks and coffee before lunch.

3. Limit Alcohol

Many people choose a glass of wine at dinner or in the evening to help wind down from the day. Alcohol does create a sedative effect, relaxing the mind. With that said, it could make people sleepy, assisting in falling asleep. The main problem isn’t getting to sleep but how one continues to sleep. The body may enter into a deep sleep too soon, throwing off the cycle and ultimately ruining the total amount of REM. The quality of rest is poor, and the body may not feel refreshed.

4. Invest in a Good Mattress

Stay comfortable with the proper support. A mattress should not only exist but support the back and neck. If the morning begins with aches and pains, it’s time to get something new.

5. Try Vitamin Supplements

The medical field is beginning to investigate the effect of vitamins on sleep quality. Melatonin has been studied for years. It could calm the mind and get people to rest. The body is supposed to produce this naturally. When that level isn’t achieved, the mind has trouble shutting down. Some people find hope in using it at night.

Another vitamin currently trending in the sleep world is CBD. Derived from the cannabis plant, this derivative lacks THC; thus, it is free of psychotic response. Taking something such as vegan CBD gummies by CBDfx is meant to reduce evening anxiety, establishing a calm mind.

6. Improve Your Bedroom’s Atmosphere

Think cold, dark and fragrant. Several elements may impact how the body unwinds. Keep the temperature before 75. Some studies indicate the magic number is actually 65. Warm air could produce restlessness. Turn off the lights as it disturbs natural melatonin levels. This rule includes staying away from the television, phone and tablet. Finally, purchase a diffuser, and fill it with essential oil. Lavender is known to promote tranquility, so allow the scent to permeate the room.

7. Try a Weighted Blanket

Keep a weighted blanket on the bed. The heaviness of it triggers serotonin, a chemical that relaxes the body. The pressure could increase how much deep sleep you get.

8. Start a Nightly Reading Routine

Reading requires effort, and while an intense moment in a story could spark endorphins, the process is mostly known for slowing the thinking process down. Eyes grow weary; the mind is distracted from the day’s events.

Stop relying on a pot of coffee to get you going in the morning. When good sleep happens, you should be able to get up and go without a problem. Rethink your habits and your environment. Tweaking a few things could essentially make a significant difference.

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