Level Up Your Playtime With CBD Dog Treats

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Playing with your dogs is a great way to enjoy your time with them and destress from your busy schedule. It is bringing us so much enjoyment when we bond and connect with our pets. This is why spending more time with them would be a lot of fun. 

Aside from being fun, our playtime with our pets also has many sound effects on both our health, like a decreased blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Also, more opportunities to exercise and socialize (read more).

You can always hide Cheef cbd dog treats anxiety products in a place where they are likely to find it post digging. This will not only help them train their instincts better, but also add nutritional value to their lifestyle. If you want your dogs to be sharp, healthy and focused, this is one approach you should try out.

How do you play with your dogs? Following are some of the typical activities you can do with them, categorized in indoor and outdoor activities:

Indoor Activities


Hide And Seek

Although this can also be played outdoors, many people prefer to do it indoors because they are worried that if they do it out, they might lose their dogs. This game would be an excellent exercise for your dog’s ability to track a scent. 

When you do this activity, make sure to include training your dog to stay where he is so you can hide and then make him recognize your “go signal” if he could already start finding you. Do not praise your dog every time he sees you. They will find it fun even though you keep on repeating your hiding spot, but it would be better to change areas.

This is also excellent for those who have enough space indoors; if there is not much space to hide and seek, you may try doing it outdoors. 

Besides hiding for your dog to find, you may also play hide and seek using an object. Hide something for your pet to see—for example, his bite toy. Make him smell the toy first, then hide it somewhere. Make sure he is not looking!

This is good training for search and rescue. One more great idea is instead of his bite toy, you may use a food-dispensing toy for him to enjoy his search more. He could then eat the food when he finds it- this could also serve as his reward. 


“Simon Says” Pet Edition

If “Simon says” could train a kid’s obedience, it could also work with your pets. However, it’s always “Simon says”- meaning, prepare a command that he should always follow for dogs. Unlike the “Simon says” for kids, you give them some command to disregard them when you didn’t say the magic words.

This is good obedience training for your dogs. For the indoor type of this activity, of course, you have to make him also do actions appropriate for indoors like sit, stay, stand, lay down, get off the sofa, etc.

Other CBD Dog Treats

Outdoor Activities

Digging Game

Dogs love to dig. Even when you don’t tell them to, they will! So instead of worrying for your dog to drill holes in the entire neighborhood, you may play a digging game with him, which may also serve as training. If you let him dig on a particular place at a specific time, he would be conditioned to dig only by then and when told. 

You may prepare a box full of sand for him to dig, or you may bring him somewhere he could freely dig without you worrying about him causing damages. You may also put a toy or something beneath for him to find when digging. 


Water Games

A dog would also love to play with water. You may bring him to beaches; he would love to swim and run around with you. If you live far from beach areas, you may play with water on your lawn. You may try turning your sprinkle on and run around with your dog, or you may splash water on him using a hose or a water gun, anything with water. 

You may also do this before bathing him. You may even play with him while bathing him. If that’s the case, you may also let your pet play with bubbles. It’s all going to be so much fun!

Note: Do not forget to give them treats!

Every time you give an activity to your dogs, do not forget to provide them with treats. You may give them as a reward after finishing a task or if he obediently follows your command. There are many treats you may give him, but a lot of dog lovers are going crazy with this CBD treat that emerged in the market. This could be considered to be one of the best joys a dog can have. 


CBD Dog Treats

These are dog treats that are infused with CBD oil that was extracted from premium hemp plants. CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the identified compounds found in cannabis and is said to have medical properties. Several studies and experiments have been made for identifying the benefits of Cannabidiol. 

Benefits that animals could get from CBD include improving heart health and immune system, relief of pain, aid in joint and immobility problems, depression, stress, and anxiety issues. Your dog may be experiencing any of the problems mentioned above, so giving them the dog treat is more than just a reward but also a great way of improving their health and way of life. 

CBD infused treats are also safe for your dogs (link: https://usa.inquirer.net/53223/cbd-oil-for-dogs).

Researchers are saying that it has little to no side effects at all. Since Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound, it will not make your dog feel “high.” Instead, it will set his mood and give him a good feeling. More time for you to play with them! 

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