Give Him His Flowers!: The Case For A Bobby V Verzuz

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I’m not one to tell anyone else what artists they should be a fan of, or even why someone is grossly underrated.  However, when it comes to Bobby V, it just feels like it goes without saying that he has had quite a career in this music industry. Unless we are going to act like we forget the run he had when he came out as a solo artist, being the only singer out of Disturbing The Peace Records/Def Jam (later joined by Shareefa). Bobby V has hits and not even just a handful.  Since it seems like some may have forgotten, here is the case for a Bobby V Verzuz.

I originally shared my thoughts on a Bobby V Verzuz in a tweet and a post in my stories back in December, which got little to no attention. Besides some DMs questioning my taste in music there was not much of a debate to be had.  But now I’m doubling down and making my case for a Bobby V Verzuz even louder.  Cause Bobby Valentino got HITS.


I know he kind of jumped the gun last year when Verzuz first started and tried to do his own thing on the side against Pleasure P, which probably left a sour taste in the mouths of Swizz Beats and Timbaland, but hopefully that’s water under the bridge now.  I don’t necessary think Pleasure P would be a worthy opponent either, but I know they are friends and it might have made sense at the time.  While I haven’t really considered too much who a better opponent would be, I would think that maybe a Carl Thomas or a Tank. Donell Jones maybe, Avant or even a Musiq Soulchild could fit the bill.  Dare I say, even a Chrisette Michelle could get the people going, but I’ll let everyone else figure that part out.

I know Bobby thinks he’s deserving of a Verzuz, I mean he was pretty clear about where he stands in the music industry when he released “King Me.”

So here’s how I think his 20 songs should go down.  In order…

01.  Mista – “Blackberry Molasses”
For those that don’t know, Bobby V was the lead singer for the group Mista.  This song was their first single, released back in 1996.  The song was written and produced by Organized Noize.

02.  “Tell Me”
This was his second solo single, and it was quite a track when it was released. The visual is really the remix featuring Lil Wayne, but the original version would suffice.

03.  Ludacris featuring Bobby V – “Pimpin All Over The World”
This song wouldn’t be a hit without Bobby V all over that chorus, just gliding over that thang!  This was Bobby V’s first feature if I remember correctly.

04.  “My Angel (Never Leave You)”
You may not remember this one if you aren’t a real Bobby V fan. From that debut album.

05.  Gucci Mane featuring Bobby V, Nicki Minaj & Trina – “Sex In Crazy Places”
Still just warming up! And he gives you hook and a bridge on this one.

06.  “Anonymous”

07.  “Beep” featuring Yung Joc
Just to keep the vibe where it’s at…

08.  Nicki Minaj featuring Bobby V & Lil Wayne – “Sex In The Lounge”
Listen to that chorus/verse…

09.  “Altered Ego” featuring 50 Cent
This a banger that might not have even been a single.  But its everything!

10.  “Hands On Me”
Halfway point, still calm.  Coming around the second half with straight heat.

Bonus: “If I Had My Way”
Don’t even have space to fit this in, but it would go great right in here if I had more tracks.

11.  “Turn The Page”
Still don’t understand how this single wasn’t sooooooo much bigger.

12.  “Rock Wit’cha”
A remake of the classic.

13.  “Over and Over”
If this isn’t one of your favorites, give it another listen…

14.  “Words” 

15. “Lights Down Low”
One of those album cuts that should have been a single. A Bobby Valentino classic!.


Bonus: “Put It In” featuring K. Michelle

Shareefa featuring Bobby V – “Hey Babe (Give Me Ya Lovin”
Since we talking duets.  This song will keep this Shareefa album in my rotation!

16.  “Mirror” featuring Lil Wayne

17.  “Lil Bit” featuring Snoop Dogg

18. “Phone #” featuring Plies

19.  Lil Wayne featuring Bobby V & Kidd Kidd – “Mrs. Officer”
The calm before the storm.

20.  “Slow Down”
Had to save his debut single for last.  Couldn’t end this on a better note!

And for those that don’t know, Bobby V has a new single out now as well, called “Reply”.  That could be what ends the night, just like it ends this post…


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