Labodet Store Tips on Choosing Alligator Skin iPhone Case

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Animal skin was the first material people started to use for clothes manufacturing. Egyptians, Romans, Medieval people knew the value of this material. Centuries passed, but leather is still the symbol of luxury and rich. It is one of the most beautiful and attrition-resistant stuff. It seems logical that the alligator skin iPhone case is the best accessory for people who want to show their status and style. The smartphone cover is the most important thing for this device. First, it should protect the phone – be functional and also exquisite to differentiate the owner from the crowd. However, there can be some problems with the choice of a true alligator leather phone cover. You should know some tips to verify the origin leather iPhone case. The main one is to just order an item from the collection of Labodet company.

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Features of True Alligator Leather

There are many kinds of crocodilian leather. Producers use all of them, but not every hide suits to make elite things. The best leather for luxury accessories is that of crocodiles and alligators. These reptiles differ not only by the form of their noses (alligators have U-like jaws, and crocodiles have V-like ones). They have various patterns on the skin. Alligator has a symmetrical one, without follicle dots, unlike with crocodiles. Of course, patterns on the belly and back are distinct, but they are always symmetrical. When you choose any leather item, you should pay attention to the skin structure.

The pattern of alligator skin

Another characteristic of alligator hide is the price. These reptiles are rare, and very small farms have a license on the selling of their skins. Unreliable producers can use artificial materials, sometimes, even leather but much worse than alligators’ one (caimans’ hide, for example). Such “skin” is glossy, looks unnatural, and, of course, very cheap. Remember that true alligator or crocodile leather item will always be expensive.

Additionally, alligators’ hide is a very yielding material. It is supple to touch, but, at the same time, the leather is solid. As experts say, alligators’ skin is durable and beautiful, and it is aging stylishly. Natural characteristics of the material also provide an ability to color this kind of leather easily. It is the reason why you can order a phone cover in various tones by Labodet.

These were some tips to identify the correct stuff for your iPhone case. Now, we will review some pieces of advice about choosing the best case worthy of you.


How to Verify Truly Your Phone Cover

The case is an accessory, and you need to choose it as any other requisite. However, don’t forget about the usability of the item. Some tips that may help you to finish the deal quickly.

  1. Find the main color of your clothes. The phone cover should suit your appearance. You can check your wardrobe in general or just a typical daily costume to expedite the process.
  2. Determine the most useful case type. There are many options proposed by Labodet due to different tastes and requirements.

– Classic case. It is simple but exuberant at the same time. A combination of delicate lines and luxury leather makes this cover type the most popular option.

– Surface-covering models. To this group, folio and pouch cases are included. They suit those who want to protect the fragile screen from any danger.

– With a strap. This collection is best-selling among young people who never leave their devices because the model is very comfortable for long holding.

– All in one. This collection is presented by cases with one or several cardholders and covers with MagSafe (special iPhone magnetic charger).

– Crossbody Case. The name describes the abilities of this cover type.

  1. Choose the material. There are many options on the market. Leather models seem to be the best ones.

When you answer these three questions, you can order your worthy iPhone case by Labodet and enjoy a well-made accessory!

A top device needs the right protection if you want to keep your iPhone in its original condition for as long as possible. Find your premium genuine alligator skin iPhone case from the Labodet brand here.


Back or Front

Frequently used models are Classic and Folio Cases. The former cover with a smooth, semi-matt surface and internal, hand-polished metal part with coating protects the back of the smartphone. The advantage of this clip-on mobile phone case is that you have quick access to your device and can accept incoming messages and calls directly. In addition, this mobile phone case is pleasantly slim, and it hardly adds to the thickness of the device. If you would like an additional strap in a contrasting color on the back, direct your attention to the colored variants of the Strap Case. The strap provides a comfortable hold for the phone.

There are some models that also protect the display. Folio Cases with a smooth, semi-matt surface offer almost all-around protection for the smartphone. They cover the top and sides of the device, and the bottom part is partially open to secure access for the microphone, lightning connector, and phone speakers. A great plus is the extra storage space for cards. The downside of the screen is covered, and you have to open the cover first to access it.


Make It Double or Make It a Pouch

If you want to opt for a back cover with one or two handy compartments for cards or driver’s license while keeping the chic design and quick access to the iPhone, go for a Card Case or Double Card Case mobile cover. Both have hand-polished metal parts inside that protect your phone extra well. 

Is simple protection for your phone not enough? Then opt for a Pouch Case. This is a two-layer design made of genuine alligator leather on the outside and Italian calfskin lining on the inside. It is ideal for those who want to ensure the safety of their smartphone. A Crossbody Bag is a step up from the Pouch Case, it is a phone case and cardholder with a detachable chain strap to keep your hands free.



Wallet with MagSafe offers additional freedom, with a minimalistic design, strong built-in magnets, two card slots, and MagSafe compatibility.

If a unique look is also important to you when choosing an iPhone case, take a look at phone cases with the LIMITED mark, where chic prints and cool patterns are guaranteed.

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