The Best UK Hotels to Take a Short Break In

Best UK Hotels

We spend so much of our time working and fulfilling our responsibilities that we at times forget just how expansive and beautiful the world can be. That’s why sometimes, you just need to unwind, relax and get away from it all. Something as short as a week’s break can do a lot to improve your level of energy and motivation. If you’ve realized that you need that sort of break, then the United Kingdom is one of the best places to go get it. With its rich history, thriving culture, old magnificent architecture dating back centuries, and varied natural attractions, a short break in the UK is a must. So you need the Best UK hotels to choose from.

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However, something just as important as where you go for the break is where you end up staying. For further details you may visit That can mean the difference between an experience you never want to forget and one you never want to remember. Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best UK hotels to take a short break in. 

Crianlarich Hotel

This award-winning, 3-star hotel boasts 36 bedrooms and 30 parking spaces. Constructed during the Victorian era, this Scottish getaway destination is within driving distance of several famous sites such as the Scottish Sealife Sanctuary, Aberfeldy Distillery, and Glencoe Visitors Centre.

If you’re looking to explore all of Scotland, it’s also close enough to Perth, Stirling, Glasgow, Fort William, and Oban that you can use it as a jumping block to visit all these places during your stay. 

You won’t have to do any driving though because it has good access to public transportation services in addition to its free Wi-Fi, lifts, rooms for the disabled, and welcoming atmosphere towards both people and pets. You can book a room there right now for as little as £40 or $56.


Mercure Aberdeen Caledonian Hotel

This 4-star hotel prides itself on inclusivity, accessibility, and exceptional hospitality. As such it offers a wide range of services such as free Wi-Fi, rooms with facilities for the disabled, private parking spaces, lifts, and walk-in showers.

With its 83 bedrooms, it’s spacious enough to accommodate you and all you want to bring along. Be it a single room or a family room for 4, Mercure Aberdeen Caledonian Hotel has you fully covered.

The hotel also has good access to public transportation services and nearby attractions include St. Machar Cathedral, Seaton Park, and the Tolbooth Museum, to name a few. You can book a room there right now for as little as £44.50 or $62.


Mercure Perth Hotel

Don’t let its 3-star rating fool you, Mercure Perth Hotel is one of the most highly-rated hotels in Perth, hands down. Its construction dates back 6 centuries, and that is reflected in its breathtaking architecture. 

With its 76 bedrooms and 50 parking spaces, this hotel offers a myriad of services, more than enough to satisfy all your needs, regardless of what they may be. You can book a room here for as little as £32.50 or $45. 

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