These Essential Apps Will Make Your Life Easier & Help You Save Money

Just about everyone has a cell phone at this point or some device with internet access that helps you navigate through life.  We know how essential it all is.  Still, many people aren’t aware of several essential apps that can help them save money and just make things easier for them when travelling, shopping, or saving.  I decided to share some of my favorites with you and tell you exactly what to expect when you download them.  Do yourself a favor and take my advice.

Robinhood   –   your introduction to stocks
I’ll admit, I paid very little attention to stocks before a friend told me to download this app.  Sure, I heard what we all hear about stocks, in passing.  But my formal education on them came via the movie “Wall Street” and “Wolf of Wall Street“, which probably shouldn’t be anyone’s sole source of information in regards to stocks. Now Robinhood is one of my favorite of the essentials apps.

Robinhood provides tips, gives updates to what’s happening on the market and provides real time information about how much stocks are worth.  The app gives you a free stock to start, a mystery stock to be determined and it also allows you to create a list of stocks you want to follow and get updates on.

What you need to know:
The app needs your social security number to start to verify you are a real person.  It also needs you to add your bank account if you decide you want to purchase a stock.  The bank account can be added later.

Download Robinhood HERE.

Dosh   –   cash back on your purchases
You spend money on purchases using your debit cards and credit cards all the time.  Why not get some money back for it?  That’s the whole concept of Dosh.

The app works with restaurants and stores and if you purchase something there using the card you connect to the app, you will receive a percentage of the purchase back in cash.  You may get a 3% bonus at Mattress Firm, 5% at Payless and up to 10% back on other purchases.  There are bonuses for purchases online as well. Nieman Marcus, Sephora, Gap, Old Navy are just some of the online stores. It’s another app where you really don’t have to think about it, the bonuses just come and you can cash out whenever you are ready.

What you need to know:
I’ve had no issues or surprises and I’ve cashed out several times.

Download Dosh HERE.


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Via –   a ride sharing  travel app
So you know about Uber and you probably know about Lyft, but have you heard of Via?
The service provides a pool type of service as well, but you can still have all your rides be for just you and whoever you are rolling with.

The best part is that it can be more affordable than Uber and Lyft oftentimes.  Worst case scenario, you have a second or third option when your usual service is surging.

What you need to know:
Via is pretty much up front.  Its just another one of the essential apps for ride sharing.  However, it is only available in New York City right now.

Download VIA HERE

Digit   –   money saving app
I decided I wanted to save money for an apartment move and I needed something or someone to help me save money.  That’s when I discovered Digit. You have to connect your bank account to Digit.  They take out a few dollars every day or every few days.  It could be as little as a couple of dollars or it can be $30, $40.  It really depends on your spending patterns.  The money is all kept in a Digit account and you can see exactly how much you have saved.

You can also pause the app whenever you like or cash out your funds whenever.  When you cash out the money is returned to your bank account.

The app will never send you into overdraft and you can also set a limit for Digit so that it can’t take out money if you go under a certain amount of money.  The app also gives you bonuses after 100 days.

What you need to know:
The app is free for the first 100 days, then it charges $2.99 for the service. In my opinion, its worth it, but that’s a decision you have to make for yourself.

Download DIGIT HERE.


Try out these essential apps and let me know how they worked for you in the comments…

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