YoungBoy Never Broke Again Is Back With The Album Sincerely, Kentrell

Sincerely, Kentrell

Rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again is back with the album Sincerely, Kentrell. This is his third studio album. This project was released through a partnership with Never Broke Again and Atlantic records.

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Sincerely, Kentrell was released on September 24, 2021. This is a follow up to the 2020’s TOP. NBA Youngboy has no features on Sincerely, Kentrell.

The first single for the album was Toxic Punk which came out earlier this year in February. White Teeth was another single released by the rapper to flex about his pearly white teeth. In September he dropped two more singles Life Support and On My Side before uploading the album for stream and download.

Since March, YoungBoy has been in a jail cell awaiting trail for gun charges stemming from an arrest from September 2020.  According to TMZ, in March a federal warrant was issued for him and the LAPD were the ones to pull him over and track him down. This did not stop the rapper from dropping Sincerely, Kentrell.

  1. Bad Morning
  2. Hold Me Down
  3. On My Side
  4. Smoke Strong
  5. 50 Shots
  6. No Where
  7. Sincerely
  8. I Can’t Take It Back
  9. Rich Shit
  10. Toxic Punk
  11. My Killa
  12. Life Support
  13. Break or Make Me
    14. Forgiato
  14. Baddest Thing
    16. Nevada
  15. Level I Want to Reach
  16. Kickstand
  17. All I Need
  18. White Teeth
  19. Panoramic