Light Up Occasions: 5 Reasons Why Soy Candles are a Must-Have for Celebrations

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Special occasions or holidays are one of the most anticipated events of most people in a month. They’re a great time to mingle with friends and get together with your loved ones! Frequently, they could be one of the motivators of employees to work well or even students to finish their task on time so that their celebrations would be enjoyable and away from any work or school-related responsibilities. 

One of the many things usually added to any celebration is candles. Candles not only have lots of benefits, but they are also perfect to be used during festivals. As time passes by, candles are still one of the best ways to make your celebrations cozier, better, and more exceptional. If you doubt whether or not to get soy candles for your next celebrations, here are five reasons why you should consider getting them. 

Help Set Up the Mood 

Soy candles could do a lot of wonders if they are used right, especially on various occasions. So, if you try to shop for one, there are a lot of variations you could find when shopping for a candle. Soy wax candles are best if you want a candle that does not produce too much heat. 

If you want something that could help improve your mood or make you feel relaxed, you’ll never go wrong with lighting up some scented candles. Scented soy candles could help lift people’s moods or create a better atmosphere in your celebrations. Not only are candles pleasing to look at, but they also contain fragrances that could help in eliminating unpleasant odor, just like the scented soy candles Australia has to offer. 

For instance, you want to make a room feel cozier, romantic, welcoming, and more, lighting up some candles, scented or not, will surely help do the trick! The light will help create the mood you desire for that moment but if you wish to add a scent, get a scented candle instead. Additionally, this is a great way to propose to someone during the night to make things more romantic and spark a sense of warmth in the people. 

Adds More Aesthetic 

Candles are not just something you light up so that it’s fragrance will fill up your space, but they could also help add a more aesthetic appeal to your celebration design- especially in your dining area. With the use of candles, you can highlight or put little lights on any place you want as long as it’s away from anything that’s easily combustible. 

Additionally, having candles is elegant, versatile, and would look great in any room, especially if the retailers’ container or packaging is also well-thought-of. Beauty is one of the major things people consider when hosting a celebration in their homes. The environment plays a vital role in making people feel the spirit of the celebration they gathered for. 

You could use simple and doable ideas with your candles to beautify your area by placing them on your dressing table. Let your candle act as the focal point of your table’s look, and ultimately, it could enhance your view when eating.

Safer To Use 

Soy candles are safer to use as compared to other ingredients used in making candles. Not to mention, they are sustainable too! Typically, soy candles burn cleaner and do not add up to air pollution. The greatest thing about using soy candles is that they will not ruin your walls, and there will be no build-up on your walls that could affect the air quality in your area. 

It Carries a Symbol. 

Lighting a candle has a lot of symbols, but the most common one is when people light up candles to celebrate a person’s birthday. Candles are usually used as a topper in a cake, and the celebrants are the ones who will be asked to wish and then blow the candle. In this sense, the belief is that the celebrant’s wish must be silent when they blow the candle, or else it will not come true. 

Imagine if people would take away the use of candles during special occasions, the traditional beliefs would also be affected. For instance, there are those superstitious beliefs that after the candles have been blown, the smoke would carry their wishes and bring them to the gods. 

Not to mention, candles are also a symbol of light in the darkest times of life. Candles are lit up in times of death and so many other kinds of celebrations or commemorations.

It Doubles as a Gift. 

Candles are a great gift. Often, when there have been a lot of celebrations you have already attended wherein exchanging gifts is a must, some people find it hard to decide on which items they should buy. 

Purchasing a candle as a gift is a great idea, especially if you do not know if the one receiving the present is a male or a female. Wrap your candles in elegant packages to add more appeal to the receiver, and if you have an extra budget, adding some matches, bath products, or gourmet foods to match your candle would make the gift even better. 


There are numerous kinds of events or celebrations in a year where people gather and celebrate, like birthdays, thanksgiving, Christmas, religious festivals, and so many more! With all these special occasions to celebrate, decorations are one of the major things needed to make a person feel the vibe of the occasion, and one way to do this is to utilize candles! You may refer to the claims mentioned above on why you should have candles for your celebrations.  


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