[VIDEO] Nene Leakes Takes To Social Media To Address Stalker, Asks To Be Left Alone

Nene Leakes Addresses Stalker

Nene Leakes jumped on a live to clear the air on life since Gregg Leakes passing. She took time to address stalkers and ended it by asking to be left alone. In the seven plus minute live video Nene addresses stalker and asks to be left alone.

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The video starts off with Nene talking about trying to be a positive person in light of everything that’s been happening.  She goes on to thank Big Tigger and V103 for having her on as a guest host.  She explains that she was only being honest when asked about questions of who sent her flowers and who was at the funeral.

Nene seemingly calls out Claudia Jordan as her stalker.  Nene Leakes and Claudia Jordan have been at odds in the past, but this seems to be a growing tension, in part because of the questions the two ladies are being asked by the media in recent days.

“We had some a positive, fun show and I never spoke negative of anyone.  And my stalker is consistently speaking of me… but I’m telling you, I’m not the one.  You need to stop your stuff, because you know, I’m not the one!”

Nene Leakes Addresses Stalker, Nene Asks To Be Left Alone Following Gregg Leakes’s Death

Claudia appeared on Fox in an interview following Nene’s initial comments on v103 and those comments seemingly triggered Nene and sparked the video.  When asked about the fact that the whole cast chipped in for a bouquet of followers, Claudia said, “We’re not friends, we’re nothing,” speaking of her relationship with Nene.

“But I did feel triggered when I heard about this story I’m like hold up, no one owes you anything. We didn’t have to spend one dollar. It has nothing to do with you, it has to do with your husband.  It’s just such a tacky thing. Did you Google how much the flowers were?  The things that you’ve said about other people, you’re lucky that anybody showed up for you actually. And the fact that people rallied around you, I thought was a beautiful moment so lets not ruin it.”

Nene Leakes and Claudia Jordan probably won’t be hanging out any time soon.  Hopefully Nene can find her peace though.  It’s only been a few week’s since Gregg’s passing and Nene is clearly still grieving. It’s understandable that Nene asks to be left alone.

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