Three Ways To Be More Confident On A Date

Confident On A Date

It’s natural to get nervous before going out on a date, especially a first date or if you’re seeing someone you really like and you think you could have a future with. You’ll want to show yourself in the best way you can, but this can actually lead to mistakes and appearing like you are showing off, which can be off-putting. 

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The problem is that these errors and trying too hard often come from a lack of confidence, and so no matter how much you might want to just be yourself, your low confidence levels can cause you to do something entirely different that you then regret. With that in mind, it’s crucial to learn to be more confident on a date, and here are some of the ways you can do it. 


Telling someone to relax before a date isn’t usually a good piece of advice; it can make them feel a lot more nervous because they’re trying so hard to relax that the opposite happens. However, if you have some tried and tested relaxation methods that you know will help you, you can employ these to feel a little better about things. 

Breathing exercises are the best way to start. When you’re nervous, your breathing gets faster, leading to panic. When you can slow your breathing, you’ll feel calmer, which can help a lot. You can also try herbal tea or essential oils or have a long, warm bath before your date. Don’t use alcohol to relax yourself, as this could cause you to be intoxicated, and that won’t be a good impression to make. 


If you want to have more confidence in something, practice is the best thing you can do. You’ll know what to do, what to say, and how to act on your date if you can practice it ahead of time, and that will make the entire situation a much more positive one. Of course, you can’t necessarily find other people to go out with ahead of your confirmed date – this will just lead to more nerves and could be difficult anyway. 

One way to deal with the issue is to hire an escort. At Playgirls Bedford there are many women to choose to go out with, and you will be able to practice your small talk, manners, and plenty more. In that way, when you come to your real date, you’ll feel a lot more confident and impress your date with how well you handle yourself. 

Boost Your Mood

Happiness usually equates to more confidence, so if you can boost your mood and make yourself feel happy before your date, you’ll feel great and be able to deal with the situation with far fewer nerves. 

In this case, you should do something that makes you happy before going out. This might be relaxing as mentioned above, or it could be enjoying a favorite treat, listening to good music, watching an episode of a great TV program, or anything else. Or perhaps you’ll go to the hairdresser or barber and boost your happiness and confidence by getting an attractive new style. Whatever it is, your confidence will shine through if it makes you happy. 

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