28 Days of Black Authors: Meet Shvonne Latrice

Shvonne Latrice

There’s no one who could write a hood love story quite like Shvonne Latrice, and she has a vast fanbase to attest to that.

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The widely-celebrated author is known for creating the ultimate book baes and boos, giving readers a 3D literary experience into the superficial streets of the West Coast and the gangstas and girls who come with it.

However, although Shvonne Latrice’s stories center around gritty thugs and their missuses, there are so many more layers to the writer’s work that, without a doubt, set her apart from the rest.

From life lessons and love languages to family feuds and feared foes, simply put, each and every one of Shvonne Latrice’s books is a rollercoaster that we never want to end.

Take a look at some of our favorite Shvonne Latrice books below!


Shvonne Latrice King and Queen of the Hood book cover


At a young age, Andreka Nicholas was thrown into a dangerous world she knew nothing about, taking her from a normal teenage girl to the main chick of a street soldier overnight. What initially seemed to be the worst night of her life, turned out to be what Andreka thought to be a blessing in disguise. She had everything a girl could ask for until she didn’t anymore. What she soon realized was that everything she thought she knew, was so far from the truth that she’d never be able to trust again, nor would she make the same mistakes in the future.

Enter Krucial, the smooth, yet direct and slightly brash gang banger who carries himself like a suave debonair mafia boss. He runs the streets with an iron fist, showing the utmost disrespect to anyone who attempts to cross him or his gang. Always one to get what he wants and being no stranger to hard work, when Krucial spots the beautiful Andreka he’s willing to go above and beyond to make her his, regardless of her connections to his enemies and being a taken woman. What begins as a forbidden flirtation, soon becomes something that neither can get enough of, causing the two to throw caution to the wind. Will this disallowed love be able to prosper, or will the streets interfere before it can even really start?

In this love story filled with betrayal and lies, Andreka and Krucial will have to decide if the deadly consequences of their union is even worth it.



Shvonne Latrice She Got It Bad For A Heartless Gangsta book cover


Ever since Draylah Omari was sixteen years old, it seemed like life had only dealt her a bad hand. Tragedies and betrayal have taken the people she loved most, including her best friend of over a decade, Glory. After finding out her boyfriend Lue, who was once her savior, is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Draylah decides to lock her heart up and focus only on her half-finished brow bar. She’s no longer in the mood to weather any storms, especially ones that are brought on by a man. But little does Draylah know, a whirlwind is headed her way, it’s named Ricky AK, and she’s about to get caught up in it.

Ricky AK, a rapper from South Central Los Angeles, is a thoroughbred gangster who just happens to have an impeccable flow. The streets are embedded in his blood, making the sexy young man brash, forward, insensitive, and extremely heartless. When it comes to getting his deserved respect, Ricky AK will put a man, woman, or child in their place with no problem. Brought up by his smooth and no-good grandfather due to his mother being murdered and his grandparents divorcing, Ricky AK learned young that being a woman’s knight in shining armor wasn’t in his DNA, and he was perfectly content with that. That is until he runs across the beautiful Draylah, who although is smitten with the unfeeling rapper, isn’t up for taking his mess ascribed to her past heartbreaks. And even Ricky himself isn’t quite ready to feel.

In this hood love story dripping with lies, treachery, secrets, and plenty of deceit, will the uncaring rapper from a cold upbringing be able to win over the beautiful but broken woman? Or will Draylah see the disturbingly charming Ricky AK for what he is, early enough to safeguard her heart from yet another fracture? But what’s a woman to do when’s she’s got it so bad for a man that she doesn’t even understand it herself?



Shvonne Latrice She Gave Her All To The Hood's Finest book cover


Camarih Marlon is your typical pretty girl from the hood. Enduring hardship after hardship, and constant tragedies, has drained any hope of having a better life from the beauty. After one traumatic event, in particular, Camarih realizes that life will never be what she wants it to, and expects nothing less than good old misfortune. Even her R&B singing boyfriend has become the worst decision she’s ever made. And just when Camarih believes life can’t get any worse, she unveils a mind-blowing secret about the people she thought loved and cared for her, only proving her bad luck theory correct. Mentally, she has given up, until she meets the ignorant, disrespectful, and intimidating Tony Wacko. Knowing as soon as they meet that he is not her type, despite his extremely good-looking exterior, Camarih puts the brash hood boy to the back of her mind. However, Tony has other plans for her.

Tony Wacko or Leimert Park’s finest, is an ill-mannered, off-kilter, pure unadulterated hood boy, with the sexy looks to match. Ever wondered what a brother straight from the ghetto was like? It’s Wacko. He’s as ignorant as it gets, but with the same amount of intelligence. Since middle school, he’s always had to fend for himself, and getting swallowed up by the hood life has hardened him to seemingly beyond repair. He cares for nothing and no one outside of his money, and a few family members to an extent. Things start to shift when the handsome hard-hearted Tony meets the much softer and sweeter Camarih. For a woman who needs love, the last thing she wants is a man who is incapable of giving it. Will Tony’s callous and rude behavior push the gentile spirit that is Camarih away? Or will she be able to soften the brutal, uncivil, and reckless hood?

In this urban love story filled with betrayal, jealousy, shocking revelations, and forbidden obsessions, will the good girl and extra rude bad boy be able to develop a true love? Or will Camarih’s negative outlook on life and love, continue to be true? But how easy is it for her to walk away when she gave him her all, and when there wasn’t much left to begin with?



Shvonne Latrice Hood Boyz Fall In Love Too book cover


Owen Santiago hasn’t been dealt the greatest hand in life, with one tragic event, in particular, changing her for seemingly forever. Not willing to let the hardships drag her down, she presses forward, making herself happy the best way she knows how and by any means necessary. Owen is perfectly happy, or so she thinks, and believes the last thing she needs is a man; especially one as masculine, handsome, bold, yet undeniably sweet as Conquer. But what she soon realizes is there is a vast difference between men and little boys.

Conquer, a very important man in the city of Las Vegas, isn’t your typical street thug. Being taught since birth that the mafia was always number one, Conquer has a callous, no-nonsense personality. With his smooth ways, intelligence, slightly rude demeanor, and sexy smile, he’s irresistible to just about every woman that crosses his path; even ones like… Owen. When the handsome charmer and emotionally scarred beauty meet, the chemistry is immediate and intense, with both parties becoming like a drug to one another. Unfortunately, they both have factors within their lives that make a union seem not only impossible but highly unlikely.

Will Owen fall victim to Conquer’s spell, despite him not being her type in more ways than one? And will Conquer be willing to go against the grain just to have Owen, or will they both realize that love only suits… ‘normal’ people. This hood romance is laced with heartbreak, tragedy, lust, and betrayal, but most of all a raw and unexpected love.



Shvonne Latrice Shorty Is In Love With A Real One book cover


Khyle Luke is a feisty and beautiful girl with a slick mouth to match. Living in Los Angeles, California her whole life has become monotonous and boring, which is why she chooses to attend college in Las Vegas. Despite her boyfriend Brian begging her to stay, fearing that his girlfriend will be turned out as soon as she touches down, Khyle skips off to Nevada hoping to break free of any reigns currently holding her back.

Although she has promised to be faithful to Brian while away, she finds herself struggling to keep that commitment upon meeting the sexy, aggressive, and very persistent Oden Bishop. Oden is immediately attracted to Khyle, but soon realizes that there are more hoops than a little bit he would need to jump through in order to obtain her. Not only that, Khyle begins to wonder if Oden is even worth all the drama he has unintentionally caused in her life.

With wild parties and sexy men at every corner, will Khyle be able to refrain from indulging in the very temptation she thought would be the least of her worries? Or will she succumb to it, upsetting the people in her life that are most important to her? I mean… they don’t call it Sin City for nothing…


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