What a City Needs To Earn a NFL Expansion Team

City For A NFL Expansion Team

With the NFL continuing to be one of the most successful leagues in the world, and the most successful in the United States, many people are wondering if it will get bigger. There are a number of cities that are in contention for NFL expansion franchises. Even though the NFL has not announced that new teams are imminent, it is obvious that the league wants to make as much money as possible. One of the ways to do that is to add more teams. San Diego, St. Louis, London, and Toronto have all been floated as potential landing points for NFL expansion cities. With many cities looking to add a NFL expansion team, what did they need to possess to earn that right? 

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A Strong Population Center With Plenty of Money

Without a doubt, the most important thing that a city needs to have in order to earn a new NFL team is a population that has plenty of money. There is a reason why all of the NFL teams are located in some of the biggest cities in the country. They have lots of people with plenty of money who can support the team. If there aren’t a lot of people in the area, then there won’t be enough money for people to purchase tickets. With the exception of Green Bay, just about every other NFL team is located in a major population center. This is going to be one of the most important factors as the league considers where to put the next team. 

A City Willing To Work With the League

The city also has to be willing to work with the NFL. Many people do not realize that the league is not responsible for building most of the stadiums scattered across the country. Even though the league may pay for a portion of the stadium, the city is typically responsible for funding the construction project. Not every city wants to bite the bullet of building a new sports stadium. Therefore, the NFL is also going to take the temperature of various cities around the world, wondering which one is going to give the league the most money. This could come in the form of cash, or it could come in the form of tax breaks. The city has to be willing to work with the NFL.

An Owner With Plenty of Cash

Finally, there also has to be an owner with plenty of cash who is willing to finance the project. It takes a lot of money to host an NFL team. NFL players get paid millions of dollars. Not to mention, an NFL owner has to be responsible for paying the rest of the staff as well. The NFL owner also has dues from the league, and they may have to pay for other aspects of the team as well. This includes equipment, vehicles, security, and more. If there isn’t an owner who is willing to support a team in that location, then the city may have a difficult time getting an NFL team. 

The League May Get Bigger in the Future

These are a few of the most important things that cities need to have if they want to earn an NFL expansion team. Even though it can be expensive for a city to host an NFL team, it is also a tremendous right that can attract a lot of people looking to move to that location. It will be interesting to see the rest of the NFL playoffs unfold, and it will also be an interesting offseason for the NFL. Another NFL team could be added in the near future. 

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