Fans React to ‘Insecure Star Sarunas J. Jackson Calling Out Trey Songz

Sarunas J. Jackson Calling Out

Fans react to ‘Insecure’ Star, Sarunas J. Jackson, calling out Trey Songz during his interview with the podcast, Guys Next Door. Trey Songz has been called out for multiple accusations of sexual assault. Jackson just added another layer to Trey Songz aggression against women.

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According to Complex, Jackson said in the interview:

“I seen this one, Trey, Trey Songz, bitch ass na, try to press women, you know what I’m saying? But then turn down a fade when a na came up to him for the fade, turned it down,” the actor said in the clip above. “I’m not cool with n****s like that.”

Jackson continued, “If he wants to fight women and stuff like that—to me, I can’t operate like that, because you get so many of those and especially once they there and it’s like, it’s unfortunate because I’m a fan!… I can separate the man from the artist, but sometimes it starts getting a little too muddy for me.”

The video of Sarunas J. Jackson calling out Trey Songz has been making its rounds on social media. Fans seem to be applauding Jackson for his calling out Trey Songz behavior in a way that no other male celebrity has done.

Now, this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen Sarunas J. Jackson calling out Trey Songz. Earlier this year, Jackson responded to a tweet about Trey Songz being a rapist. Jackson called Songz a bitch ass and said he hopes he gets what he deserves.

Although Trey Songz has yet to respond, a source close claims he has never met Sarunas J. Jackson. Radar Online stated: “Trey Songz has never met Sarunas J. Jackson,” an insider tells Radar, adding the HBO star’s accusations are “yet another example of fame-hungry individuals attempting to use Trey’s name for their own benefit.”

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