Meet The Cast of Bravo’s New Reality Series ‘Love Match Atlanta’

Love Match Atlanta Cast

Here’s your opportunity to meet the cast of Love Match Atlanta. Earlier this month, Bravo announced the release of their new reality series, Love Match Atlanta. The new reality show, Love Match Atlanta, has put together five of the city’s hottest matchmakers.

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The cast of the matchmaking reality show will focus on assisting Atlanta’s high-profile singles to find romance. ‘Love Match Atlanta’ will reveal how far matchmakers go to help their single clients find partners. Furthermore, these matchmakers will be bringing their A-game and using their sharpest techniques.

Meet the Cast of Love Match Atlanta

Kelli Fisher, Tana Gilmore, Joseph Dixon, Ming Clark, and Shae Primus

Kelli Fisher

She is the co-owner of the Matchmaking Duo. Kelli alongside friend and businesses woman, Tana Gilmore founded the dating service. With 12 years of experience, Kelli owns one of the most sought after dating services. She focuses on helping women in the country find romantic partners.

Tana Gilmore

Tana is the co-owner of the Matchmaking Duo. It is a dating service that has dominated and is popular among Black women in the US. Their dating program is one that takes roughly two months for customers to be polished enough to embark on their first date. In summary, clients go through an extensive process in which they are required to participate in relationship coaching, image consulting, and a photo session.

Joseph Dixon

Joseph Dixon is CEO of Real Black Love. He started the dating app back in 2013. The app quickly grew to 500,000 members hence proving him to be a successful matchmaker and businessman. Through his dating service, he met his girlfriend, Paris, who is now subsquently his business partner. His Elite subscription can cost up to $30,000 per year.

Ming Clark

Ming Clark is the owner of Color Bling International. She once worked in the beauty industry however decided to leave after having a bad dating experience. After becoming a matchmaker, Ming encountered a client who became her husband after barely a year. Meanwhile clients who are looking to meet someone outside of their social or cultural circle go to Ming as she is recognised for supporting interracial romance.

Shae Primus

Shae is a certified matchmaker in addition she is the CEO of the Middle-Class Matchmaker. She helps connect single, middle-class professionals seeking a partner. As for her private life, she recently became single and is a mother of two. Nevertheless, Shae is just as determined to find love for herself as she is for others.

Who is your favorite matchmaker?

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