What You Should Know About the Florida Lifestyle

Florida Lifestyle

Every state has a lifestyle that comes along with it. If you live in Alaska, you’d better like the great outdoors, since the residents get some pretty serious weather. In California, get ready for wildfires and exceptionally high living costs.

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Florida is a state that some people love, while others don’t like it nearly as much. We’ll talk about the pros and cons right now.


Florida Dangers

Florida has some nice things that it’s hard to ignore, but we’ll talk about some of the negatives before we get to those. Car accidents happen a lot in Florida, so you’ll need to watch yourself if you use the highways. Bike and pedestrian accidents happen frequently on the local roads as well.

Settling a car accident case in Florida isn’t usually so difficult if you have the right lawyer, but it’s not something you ever want to experience. Following all traffic laws should help you if you live there, and you should make sure you watch out for traffic as a pedestrian.

Just a few weeks ago, Ohio State standout and Pittsburgh Steeler Dwayne Haskins died when a truck hit him. Haskins was trying to cross a highway, and he paid the price for that mistake. That’s just one example of the many pedestrian accidents that happen in Florida every day.


What Other Florida Dangers Exist?

If you reside in Florida, you need to watch out for the wildlife. You can find alligators throughout the state. You can also run into rattlesnakes and five other venomous varieties, including the cottonmouth and the eastern coral snake.

Lately, pythons have been a problem in Florida. They’re not native to the state, but many domestic ones have bred in the wild. They’re a serious problem if you have small kids or dogs. Even fully grown adults won’t want to run into one of the larger ones.

If you live in certain areas, you need to watch out for tropical storms and hurricanes. Also, Florida remains one of the more expensive US states if you want to live in one of the cities. 


Positive Florida Lifestyle Aspects

All of that might give you pause, but Florida has some powerful incentives, too. Some people think about Florida, and they imagine the swamp people you see on nature shows. They live there, but the state also boasts some vibrant, cosmopolitan cities.

You can live in a nice Miami neighborhood or spend some time in Tampa or Fort Myers. You will find stunning white sand beaches and fine dining opportunities. You can eat amazing food, like stone crab claws, Cuban sandwiches, key lime pie, and fresh strawberries.

You can go surfing or boogie-boarding. You can go fishing and catch enormous marlin you can stuff and hang on your wall. You can lie out in the sun and catch some rays, or you can shop at the high-end stores in Orlando.

You might also like going to Disneyland and spending time with the costumed characters or riding the rollercoasters. Disney owns all the rights to the Marvel characters, the Star Wars ones, and the Harry Potter franchise as well. It’s hard to avoid having fun hanging out with your favorites, whether you’re an adult or a child.


Should You Live There?

The Florida lifestyle isn’t any one thing, but several. You can tailor the experience if you live there. You can stay in a nicer part of the state if you worry about the drug-addled “Florida man” stories you might hear about on the news sometimes.

If you want to retire there, you can run out the clock while fishing, playing golf, and socializing with 

friends. You can enjoy the shopping, fine dining, museums, and the weather.

You should understand that your savings won’t take you as far, though, especially if you live in a nicer area. Only New York or California will hit your wallet harder.

You should also know that there are blue pockets, but it is a red state. If you are okay with that, you should have no problems. If you have more of a liberal mindset, you might want to stay away, as Florida votes consistently for GOP candidates in both local and federal elections.

You might see Florida as a paradise if some of what we mentioned appeals to you. If you can’t get past things like the occasional rogue gator showing up in your yard, you may want to stay away from the Sunshine State.