Kenneth Petty, Nicki Minaj’s Husband, On House Arrest For Not Registering As A Sex Offender In California

Kenneth Petty is on house arrest for one year after not registering as a sex offender In California. Nicki Minaj’s husband also has to do three years of probation and pay a $55,000 fine for not registering. The sentencing happened on Wednesday, July 6th.

Petty took a plea deal last year when he admitted that he did not register as a sex offender after he married Nicki Minaj and moved to California. Since he was convicted for attempted rape in New York and served 4+ years in prison, he is required to register as a sex offender wherever he lives.

Jennifer Hough, the woman who Petty attempted to rape, sued and spoke out publicly against Nicki and her husband about the two harassing her to drop the charges in 2021. There was even an alleged bounty on Hough for refusing to take Minaj and Petty’s $20k bribe. While Nicki Minaj was dropped from the lawsuit, Petty is still being held accountable.

He could’ve spent 15 months in prison but Kenneth Petty is on house arrest, aka home confinement, instead. During Nicki Minaj’s husband’s last court appearance, she wrote a letter that Petty’s lawyers read out loud advocating for his change of character and pleading for him to continue being involved in his two-year-old son’s life.

Nicki Minaj wrote, “I have no doubt my son would be traumatized if his father would be taken out of his life. I’ve known Kenneth Petty for over 20 years, when I first met him I knew he needed guidance… I’ve seen his genuine evolution first hand.”

Petty also apologized for disrespecting Nicki Minaj’s brand and being irresponsible. “I take full responsibility for whatever happens today,” Petty said. “I’m ashamed, embarrassed and disrespected my wife’s brand. There are no excuses, I broke the law. I thank you for giving me the chance to speak, to apologize.”

While some people may accuse the judge at the sentencing hearing of putting Kenneth Petty on house arrest, due to his wife’s celebrity, Judge Michael Fitzgerald’s main focus was safety.

Judge Fitzgerald said that “given the less severe nature compared to other cases of sex offenders failing to register if they move, combined with the strain another prisoner would have on the prison system in the middle of a surge in Covid cases from the Omicron variant, prison wasn’t the way to handle the case,” according to RollingStone. So, it looks like Petty is going to enjoy his summer in the comfort of him and his wife’s gated community home in Calabasas, California.

How do y’all feel about Kenneth Petty on house arrest? Did the judge have a point? Comment below.


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