Kevin Hart Reacts To Channing & Aja Crowder Nudist Colony Revelations

Couples spend their time doing activities together to bond. American football player, Channing Crowder’s reveals how he and his wife, Aja Crowder, spend some date nights . The Channing Crowder and Aja Crowder nudist colony conversation left Kevin Hart confused.

Here’s Channing Crowder attempting to explain it.  And Kevin Hart reacting to Channing Crowder:

Kevin Hart traded his host seat for the hot seat on The Pivot podcast, hosted by Channing Chowder, Fred Taylor and Ryan Clark. Unsurprisingly, Hart brought laughs during their conversation especially when he hears about Channing Crowder and Aja Crowder’s time at nudist colony.

During their talk, Channing reveals that he and his wife appreciate nudist colonies yearly. “Once a year, we go to a nudist colony. We go to a place where you walk in and everybody just gets naked and walks around.

Hart had the most comedic reaction ever . He said “I heard what you said…I am just asking you, what’s going on?” . He later added “You hear whatchu saying out loud. Brother?!” which led to a few stifled laughs.

Crowder replied in the most entertaining way “Yeah, we go to the nudist colony, you gtta go around, you gotta save your s**t, it looks bigger because you gain inches from no hair” Hart goes ahead to question “Y’all just…just hanging out, or y’all f***ing this people?” Clearly, this revelation left Hart with more questions than answers.

He explained that there were swingers present when they took the trips but says they don’t participate and they just “liked being around naked people” He added that people could set their boundaries as tey walked through the door.

Channing then asks Hart if he would be into that kinda thing and he (Hart) immediately shut down the idea. “To be honest with you, I have no desire to be around a bunch of naked people I don’t know. Just sitting there naked”

Hart ended the hilarious conversation with “I’ willing to bet- a good number- it ain’t a lot of put-together people going through this little stage” Clearly, Kevin isn’t visiting one of those anytime soon.

While we are all shocked by this revelation, especially on the media, it made for a funny convo, or that might have just been Hart being Hart.  We would pay good money to see Kevin Hart react to Channing Crowder all day.

If you’ve never seen Aja Crowder, here is what she looks like:

Aja Crowder

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