Lamar Jackson and Bernard Pollard Trash Talk Each Other On Twitter

NFL Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and former Baltimore Ravens Safety Bernard Pollard Jr. had what we would call a “roasting session” on Twitter after Jackson failed to crack the top-10 quarterbacks list in an ESPN survey of league executives, coaches, scouts and players that came out yesterday July 13, 2022. ESPN’s Ryan Clark tweeted that he believed Jackson should have been included in that list, but Pollard responded by saying the Ravens QB isn’t a top-10 quarterback but rather a top-10 talent.

Bernard Pollard later responded to a tweet from Twitter user Khayam Clark that said Jackson’s game would improve when the Ravens finally bring in some good wide receivers to surround him. Pollard replied by saying that no big-time receiver wants to play with Jackson.

According to some fans and sports analyst, Pollard has been attacking Lamar Jackson since he became the starting QB for the Ravens replacing Joe Flaco, but Lamar has never taken the bait. Well, for some reason Lamar had time yesterday and used it well!


After those few tweets, the hits from Lamar just would not stop coming towards Pollard, causing Pollard to post a short highlight reel of his “skills”. This did nothing but fuel the exchange more as Lamar said he recalled watching the game the clip was from and was upset with Pollard but did not know who he was! Throughout much of the exchange, Jackson makes reference to not knowing who Bernard Pollard is, basically telling him he is not a household name.

Here is more of the exchange of words between the NFL players.

What do you guys think? Is Lamar Jackson a top-10 QB or just top-10 talent wise? Does anyone remember Bernard Pollard? As a Ravens fan, I do remember Bernard Pollard, and like Lamar, I used to curse him out every game! Thank God for Ed Reed!

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