Terrence Howard’s ‘New Hydrogen Technology’ Could Be Used To Defend Uganda From Exploitation Allegedly

Terrence Howard new hydrogen technology could be used to defend Uganda against exploitation. Howard has been known for his acting roles but he is also known to have a personal love of science. Although he didn’t complete his degree, Howard studied chemical engineering at Pratt Institute for two years.

The Empire actor spoke in Uganda this past week, where he said he developed a new hydrogen technology – the Lynchpin Drone – to help the country replace its current drones, helicopters and planes.

The Lynchpin system will be able to help solve the heavy lifting of tedious tasks and solve unsolvable problems like cleaning up our oceans. He also wants to use the Lynchpin system to help Uganda be able to sell other materials besides agricultural products and defend the sovereignty of the country’s peaceful people. He has the funding. He just needs land.

While he went to Uganda to make his latest scientific announcement, Howard’s visit to Uganda was also part of a larger plan for the country to attract investment from historical diasporas, according to allAfrica. “We appreciate you asking people of African descent to return so that we can now rebuild Africa the way that it was supposed to be,” Howard said. President Yoweri Museveni suggested policymakers who would be best suited to help Terrence Howard’s new hydrogen technology come to life.

This isn’t the first time Terrence Howard has made interesting scientific breakthrough announcements to the public. During his 2019 Emmy’s red carpet interview claimed he found the science that people like Pythagoras have been search for and has made some discoveries in his own personal life with it. He also claimed that in the World of Science and Mathematics 1×1=2.

Will Terrence Howard’s New Hydrogen Technology truly help Uganda? Will the Lynchpin Drone really help us clean our oceans? Only time will tell. It’s 2022, so anything can happen within the next few years.


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