Jake Atlas Bashes His “Terrible At Sex” BF In Just Released Arrest Video

Jake Atlas Bashes Boyfriend
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A newly released footage obtained by TMZ Sports shows Kenny Marquez, who is openly gay and popularly known by his ring name Jake Atlas bashing his “terrible at sex” boyfriend.

A police officer can be seen in the footage trying to ask the 27-year-old Jake Atlas his side of the story that alleged a domestic violence incident between him and his boyfriend outside his Orlando home on May 23. The boyfriend had accused him of rough handling during an argument earlier in the evening.

“I am an international trained superstar,” Atlas said, “I have worked across the country, across the world, with my name. He is a nobody.”

The former AEW and WWE wrestler went further to call his supposed boyfriend names – “f**ing bitch ass, f***ing p***y”- before he exposed him to be ” a terrible boyfriend… terrible at sex.”

Although Atlas was eventually arrested on the scene and booked on a domestic violence battery charge, He has now been released following the court’s claim that the “case is not suitable for prosecution.”

On the 22nd of July, the wrestler released his official statement using his social media platforms, including his now-deleted Twitter handle on the case.

“I’m issuing a formal apology for wrongdoing and any hurt, disappointment, and complication I may have caused to my colleagues and fans,” He wrote. Atlas went on to talk about his participation in an outpatient program to deal with “a dual diagnosis in substance abuse and mental health.”

Here are a few reactions regarding the newly released arrest footage from Twitter.

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