Joe Budden Faces Backlash After Rapey Comments in Podcast Episode. Twitter Reacts


It’s no surprise Joe Budden is in the limelight again.

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Joe Budden just can’t seem to keep a low profile and is in another controversy after making some “rapey comments” in a recent podcast episode.

In an episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast”, the former rapper made a comment that many considered “rapey” where he joked about stealthing a woman.

Stealthing which is non-consensual condom removal is actually an offence punishable by law.

The former rapper admitted that he faked putting on condoms without his partner’s consent. Although he made this rapey comment on a light mode while others laughed, some fans are not happy with it.

Meanwhile, his co-hosts laugh at the story of him planning to cum in women without their consent, one calls Budden a “sicko.”

Joe’s not-so-good reputation seems to not be helping out as some fans feel it should be considered rape. This has led to quite a debate on Twitter. People voiced out with many criticizing his character and others claiming the comment was a joke.

Additionally, the controversial episode of ‘The  Joe Budden Podcast’ has now been deleted to prevent circulation online. However, that didn’t stop it from going viral on Twitter. Here is what Twitter had to say

What’s your opinion on the reactions from Twitter about Joe Budden’s rapey comments?

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