Nene Leakes Opens Up About Her 23 Year-Old Son Brentt Leakes Suffering Stroke & Heart Attack

Nene Leakes and Brentt Leakes

Nene Leakes has revealed that her 23 year old son, Brentt Leakes suffered a heart attack and stroke two weeks ago.

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Brentt had been hospitalized since September but is currently recovering from the episode.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star disclosed this on Instagram in a video after TMZ broke the news before she planned to.  Nene Leakes told her followers “We wanted to be able to talk about it ourselves when Brentt was in a better place, (but) I would rather the correct thing be out there than something that’s not correct.”

She described his situation saying “Two weeks ago today, Brentt had congestive heart failure and a stroke. He’s only 23 so he’s really young for something like that to happen to him. … It was very scary. I don’t even want to go into details of what happened and how I found out and what condition he was in.”

Nene Leakes thanked fans for their support and answered questions about the cause of his health crisis.  Although he is conscious and recovering, his doctors have not been able to find the cause of his heart problems. He has so far tested negative to a number of  infections.

Nene Leakes denied the possibility of his ill health being linked to drugs when she said “Brentt doesn’t drink or do drugs. And obviously they’ve tested him for all of those things. They also tested him for HIV. They were thinking that maybe he had caught COVID and he didn’t know that he had COVID.”

So far, Nene Leakes believes his condition can be related to the blood clots she herself suffered back in 2013. She said “If you remember some years ago, I had blood clots in my lungs and we could not figure out where it came from . So they’re thinking that it may be Brentt was born with some sort of disease or something with his heart since he was a kid and it just never showed up until now. Like we don’t know this is just a lot for us right now. And everything is still very new.”


This incident comes almost exactly 1 year after Nene Leakes lost her husband Greg Leakes to Colon Cancer. She talked about how hard it has been on Brent since his passing.  In as much as Nene thinks his grief added to his condition, doctors disagree and have ruled it out.

Nene Leakes  mentioned that he is positive but has difficulty speaking when she added

“It was very scary, I don’t even want to go into details. What happened and how I found out and what condition he was in. Obviously a stroke is a very serious thing. And so he’s struggling you know, with speaking and it’s, just know that keep us in your prayers. Keep bringing your prayers.”

We hope that as time goes on Brent Leakes makes a full recovery.


photo credit:  Prince Williams / Contributor  |  Getty Images

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