[FIRST LOOK] Will Smith Returns To Spotlight With AppleTV’s ‘Emancipation’ Movie Trailer


The news is that the teaser trailer for Will Smith’s Emancipation movie was released on October 3 and it will be in theaters on December 2. So this is definitely something to look forward to. It will also be streaming on Apple TV+ on December 9. Will Smith does great work but his movies that are based on true stories really stand out. Emancipation is no different. This movie is based on a true story and by the looks of it, it is going to be emotional.

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Knowing that someone really experienced these things that take place hits differently. A slave’s story is being told. We love movies based on true stories. The audience will likely be able to resonate with it more.

The film follows Peter a runaway slave who heads North, escapes cold-blooded hunters and survives the unforgiving swamps of Louisiana along the way. After he escapes to freedom, Peter joins the Union Army. During an army medical examination, Peter shows his bare back. Peter allowed them to take pictures of his back.

These pictures reveal scars from a near-fatal whipping. He was whipped by a plantation overseer. The Independent published the picture and titled it the Scourged back in 1863 and it appeared in Harper’s Weekly July 4 issue. After this appearance it became indisputable proof of how painful and cruel slavery in America really was.

Will Smith Emancipation Movie Thoughts?

For many of us, movies depicting slavery are hard to watch but we do it because this is an important topic. We were curious to see what others thought of this teaser trailer so we took to YouTube to check out some reactions. It seems that there are many people who are looking forward to watching this movie and plan to do so in December when the movie is released.

Something that one YouTube person eluded to was how difficult it is to watch these types of movies. Filmmakers are not going to stop making movies based on the horrors of slavery. The Will Smith Emancipation movie is going to be a good depiction into the life of a slave. Although, it appears that Peter (Smith) will reach freedom, we have to wonder about his family.

We are looking forward to seeing how this movie turns out. As well as learning if Peter will be reunited with his family. In the meantime, we have two months to wait for this movie to be officially released. We’ll watch the many other new movies while we wait.


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