7 Feel-Good Movies You Can Watch This Weekend

Feel-Good Movies You Can Watch

Had a tiring week, or a month? The best way to unwind is by staying at home, pulling out the blankets, ordering pizza, and popping a bottle of wine while watching a movie. Okay, this might be a tricky part. Picking the right movie. Gets us every time. But, don’t worry. We are here to guide you. Below, we have prepared a list for you of the 7 best feel-good movies you can watch this weekend to unwind and drive away the stress.

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1.      Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Little Miss Sunshine is a film that provokes thought in us, causes us to laugh or cry, and change the way we see the world, the people around us, and the ones we love. The movie will take you on a journey to unravel your inhibitions.

Although the movie revolves around a family that takes their youngest daughter to a beauty pageant. It is a dysfunctional family country road trip that would be an all-rounder for you.

2.      Legally Blonde (2001)

Genre: Comedy/Romance

It is almost impossible that anyone has ever missed out on this iconic Reese Witherspoon movie; Legally Blonde. If you have not already, then let this be your final sign to stream it now!

Another best addition for a feel-good movie is following a rich blonde, who is often perceived as someone dumb or shallow (the most common stereotyping we all know about), whereas she is anything but that. Watch her get admission into Harvard, celebrate her uniqueness, and make a name for herself.

3.      The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Steve Carell never disappoints. In this, Andy, played by the all-favorite, Steve Carell is 40 years old, instating celibacy. This does not sit well with his friends and they hop on the journey to find him a woman.

Andy is a sweet, shy guy who does not interact very well with women and keeps to himself. However, it will have to change. So, watch this for a good time with quirky comedy.

4.      Top Gun (1986)

Genre: Action/Adventure

Starring the OG Tom Cruise in this film, it is one to not miss at all. Tell us one thing better than watching Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer in all their young might in the 80s. Top Gun, is one of the biggest hits attached to the actor’s name.

The plotline is about America’s elite air force school and fighter pilots competing to be the best. It is all about friendship, your country, and ambition in life.

5.      Ocean’s Twelve (2004)

Genre: Crime/Comedy

George Clooney, check, Brad Pitt, check, Julia Roberts, check, Matt Damon, check. Yes! All these in one movie, killing it! A group of acquaintances/friends takes up a heist like they always have.

It does get tricky, and you might break a few sweats as they almost get caught. Nevertheless, it is worth every minute.

6.      The Greatest Showman (2017)

Genre: Musical/Drama

Zendaya, Hugh Jackman, and Zac Efron as the leading role in this movie are a treat to the eyes. The acting, plotline, and everything, are simply magnificent.

It is a quite captivating story of a visionary who came from nothing but works hard to build a spectacle that becomes a global sensation, as well as the celebration of the beginning of show business.

It only shows how your ambition and persistence can make it all happen for you and bring your ideas and dreams to reality.

7.      About Time (2013)

Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Rachel McAdams gave us some unforgettable characters and movies. About Time is one of those timeless pieces, and McAdams starring next to Domhnall Gleeson only makes it better. Getting a girlfriend cannot always be a great idea or go your way. Especially when someone can time travel and only goes back in time to alter reality. Gleeson does all this, and well, things are not as simple as they seem.

Final Words

So, don’t wait anymore! Stream these movies now, unwind watching these light feel-good movies over the weekend, and prepare to take on the world once again.