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Trey Songz Rape Case Dismissed Due To Statute Of Limitations

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The civil rape case against singer Trey Songz gets dismissed due to the statute of limitations on the charges. 

Trey Songz is no longer facing a civil suit for an alleged rape in 2016, because the case has been dismissed after legal documents show the statute of limitations ran out on the allegations.

The documents were obtained by TMZ and show Songz’s suit was thrown out on Monday October 31, 2022, after Trey’s legal team successfully argued the statute of limitations expired long before the woman filed her complaint.

The woman filed the lawsuit earlier this year, anonymously as a Jane Doe, claiming she had a consensual sexual relationship with Trey, but alleges the singer suddenly turned into a “savage rapist” on March 24, 2016.

The statute of limitations in CA is currently 10 years, but wasn’t made official until 2019, prior to that it was 3 years, but the woman filed 6 years after the alleged rape.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, the woman claims Trey invited her to a house party in L.A., where he invited her upstairs for what she believed would be consensual sex back in 2016.

Instead, she claims Trey repeatedly asked her if he could “get that a**” on the way upstairs, to which she says she repeatedly told him “no” and to stop asking.

In the documents, the woman claims Trey’s demeanor changed upon entering the bedroom, she says he threw her to the ground, ripped her pants off, pinned her down face first and forced his penis into her anus without her consent.

The woman claims she screamed in pain and begged Trey to stop, and even tried fighting him off her, but says she was overpowered.

In the suit, the woman says someone entered the room during the alleged rape, giving her hope that what she describes as a “brutal rape” might end, but she says the person quickly left the room and Trey kept raping her.

The woman claims she was only able to escape after Trey finished and stopped raping her, grabbing her clothes, except for her underwear, and running outside to call an Uber.

In the docs, the woman says her Uber driver noticed she was in distress and rerouted her to a hospital, where she claims a sexual assault exam was performed and the police were called.

The woman says the exam showed she had “severe anal tearing that could require surgery”, but she says she didn’t name Trey to police because she was “in shock and fearing for her life.”

The lawsuit against Trey was for $20 million in damages.

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