The Boom Of Senior Dating In Today’s Era

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Older adults who have been single for half their lifetimes now join dating sites in search of true love and companionship. This 50+ or 60+ generation loves to put on dancing shoes and intends to ace their senior dating game.

It has been surveyed that approximately 35 million single seniors from the USA suffer from solitariness, as most are either divorced or widowed. Hence, building personal relationships again at this age might be challenging due to limited partner availability. 

But senior dating sites are booming in this era, which bridges the gap between age and the number of partners. However, in today’s article, we will discuss the senior dating statistics, what older men desire while dating older women and a few dos and don’ts of dating after 60. So, let’s get started!

Senior Dating Statistics

As per a 2016’s online dating survey by Pew Research Center, it has been discovered that 15% of adults have profiles on mobile dating applications or online dating sites. Nowadays, they clearly perceive using these dating sites to find their better halves. Moreover, the poll has uncovered that older people between the 55 to 64 age group are using senior dating sites, and it has seen a 12% surge this year compared to previous years. 

What does an older man desire while dating an older woman?

  • Take good care of yourself, as health is wealth.
  • She shouldn’t play mind games, as nobody has room for tolerating drama.
  • Get rid of your past, as nobody likes to be judged and compared.
  • Take boast of your appearance and wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and good.
  • Be yourself without imitating others.
  • Always smile as people find it more attractive.
  • Never be too serious, as a great sense of humor is enticing.
  • Understand your needs and create a “relationship deal-breaker” list.

Dos and Don’ts of Senior Dating

  • Dos: Check several dating platforms

Why settle for less when there are many? While searching for the one, you should explore every senior dating platform to get a good match. The different dating platforms possess distinct USPs to assist you in finding the best match. Hence, you must research appropriately and not hesitate to ask family and friends for suggestions.

  • Dont’s: Never be judgemental about someone’s pasts

Judging someone because of their past isn’t something you should do during senior dating because love is free from judgement. In your sixties, you may run with divorcees or widowers, and you should show them the same respect by not passing judgment on them before getting acquainted with them.

  • Dos: Be open to several opportunities

The right or your perfect match might not be on some dating sites as they could be right in front of you. Therefore, you should have an open mind, try to know someone and pursue a relationship with them, and check where it goes! 

That right match could be anyone, including your colleagues, friends, and neighbors, or someone you think you can get along with. You may successfully turn a relationship into a permanent one with a positive mindset and outlook.  

  • Dont’s: Be careful how you use your personal information

Several senior dating sites are available to gather inessential personal information, such as your SSN and address. Hence, you must understand safety first and should never get swayed by any malicious luring ads.  

To summarize, in your 60s, you should go out and search for true love and companionship by dodging your inhibitions. Senior dating sites are booming in the 21st century, and these can come in handy while looking for the right one.  

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