Mase & Cam’ron Perform ‘Horse & Carriage’ At Apollo For First Time Ever

Mase Camron
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The Golden Age of Hip Hop had so many timeless classic records that it’s nonsensical — and one of those dateless songs from the era is “Horse & Carriage” by Cam’ron featuring Mase. After 25 years, the Harlem natives got a chance to perform the hit rap tune at the Apollo Theater on Saturday (Jan 28) during their one-night-only show alongside Yonkers native Jadakiss.  As the deejay began to spin the record, Mase interrupted and said to the crowd, “Wait, wait, wait. We never got to perform this song.” Jadakiss spoke on the matter prior to Mase and responded on the mic, “That’s what I’m tryna tell em!

Cam’ron co-signed Mase and Kiss regarding how they were about to perform the throwback classic for the very first time, telling the audience: “It’s the truth…never, ever!” Given you’re into cryptocurrency and the metaverse, you’ll be satisfied to hear that Jadakiss labeled the never-before-seen live performance of “Horse & Carriage” a nonfungible token (NFT). “This sh*t is a NFT!Jadakiss enthusically said to the Apollo crowd. “Whatever a NFT iswhen y’all do this song — it’s a NFT!” To which Mase furthered, “Imma keep it a hundred…I ain’t do this song in so long. So, I’ma just act like y’all know it and do a little bit of this [dance].”

In 1998, “Horse & Carriage” hit the airwaves and video music channels. At the time, the “Feel So Good” rapper was the biggest star on Bad Boy Records (due to the Biggie Smalls assassination), and Cam’ron featuring him on the single gave it the required petro to blow up. Though, Mase and Cam grew up together in the same Harlem neighborhood — and were both Children Of The Corn members along with the late Big L, Bloodshed, and Herb McGruff  — by the time “Horse & Carriage” released the pair fell out, went their separate ways, and never performed the record on stage.

Over the 25 year period, Cam’ron dissed Mase on various records. For instance, on “Welcome to New York City” feat Jay-Z off Cam’ron‘s album Come Home With Me (2002), Cam rapped: “You get jammed with them jammers, blammed with them blammers; Hot here, ask Mase he ran to Atlanta.” Then in 2017, Mase dropped a whole record dissing Cam’ron titled “The Oracle.” Mase spit: “Every since 10 you was a thirsty ngga, I ain’t gone talk about the time you fcked your sister; In 2002 you lost 50 pounds, ulcers in your liver, and now you tryna sell niggas liquor, ngga?; You always play the sucker part, where was all that Rico sht when you left Jim [Jones] in Rucker Park?” With that said, to see Cam and Ma$e bury the hatchet and perform “Horse & Carriage” for the first time in their hometown at the Apollo Theater is nothing short a miracle.

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