How to Avoid the Stress That Comes With Wedding Ceremony

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As fun and exciting as wedding ceremonies are, they can be quite stressful for the parties involved in planning them. As a bride or groom-to-be, you want to avoid the stress of planning as much as you want to be involved in the planning. 

This might prove a bit difficult, particularly for the bride-to-be, as women consider their wedding day a big deal and expect things to be perfect. 

Below are ways to help you avoid the planning stress and also help you to achieve the perfect wedding you want. 

1- Employ the services of a planner

A wedding planner is someone that you employ to help you through the process of planning your wedding ceremony. They start the process with you and also help you till the end of the wedding day.

Employing the services of an event planner will save you from a lot of stress and burden while ensuring that you have absolute power over decision-making. 

The good thing about hiring a wedding event planner is that they will be in charge of liaising with vendors and other people involved in making the wedding ceremony a success. 

As a couple, hiring a wedding planner is a big flex, and it allows you to enjoy the process of getting married with little to no stress involved. Before you hire anyone, ensure you know what your wedding planner should do for you.

2- Getting your families involved in the process 

This is another way to minimize or avoid the stress of planning your wedding yourself. If you are unable to get a wedding planner due to financial or other reasons, your next best bet is to get your family involved. 

Delegate tasks to each family member that is willing to help and also reliable. The reliability of the family member is key as you do not want to worry about having to reassign responsibilities at the last minute. 

Note that the downside to this option is that you may not have an absolute say in decision-making. That’s because your family members will want to input their suggestions and point of view; some older ones might even want to impose their decision on you because they believe they know better. Also, decision-making may take longer than when you involve a wedding planner. 

The advantage, however, is that it helps foster family bonds and creates memories with family members. If you are keen on family and also want to save costs, then this option is better than employing the services of an event planner.

3- Delegate tasks to close friends 

Friends that love you will definitely not want to see you break down shortly before your wedding day, so they will offer to help with the wedding plans. This is not the time to wear your “independence suit” and claim to be able to do it all on your own. Delegate some tasks to your friends according to their capacity. 

Things your friends can help you with toward the success of your wedding include; creating the guest lists and following up on the guests, RSVP tasks, souvenir shopping, venue decorations, and so on. 

Aside from delegating tasks to your friends, you can also make them go along with you for some scheduled sessions like cake tasting, cloth fittings, etc. No task is too mundane to delegate to your friends!

4- Work with a budget 

Working with a budget while planning your wedding ceremony cannot be over-emphasized. A wedding budget is important whether you are planning the wedding all by yourself or seeking the help of planners, families, or friends. 

A budget will help you track spending and will prevent you from incurring debt just to achieve your dream wedding. 

Create a budget by allocating money to each category of your wedding ceremony. Categories that you should include in your budget include; food and drinks, hall and decorations, clothes, accessories, etc. You should also leave a small percentage of your budget for miscellaneous expenses. 

5- Create a list of things to do according to their level of priority 

The tasks that come with planning a wedding can feel like a huge mountain that may seem insurmountable. Entering the planning phase without having a game plan may make you feel overwhelmed and worn out. 

Without a definite plan, you can easily procrastinate or become anxious, and thus burn out. You can use a wedding planner that has calendars, checklists, worksheets, and other features that may be beneficial to your planning journey. 

Wedding planners that have these features will help you to keep track of what you have done and what you need to do. It will also help you to keep track of appointments and money spending.  

6- Do not compare your wedding to someone’s 

Comparison, they say, is a thief of joy. Your wedding is a joyous occasion, and you do not want the joy to be sucked out by comparison. In comparing your wedding to someone else’s, you tend to want to outdo them when you are planning your wedding, thereby putting yourself under unnecessary stress. 

Weddings are supposed to be a personal affair between two unique people; therefore, the ceremony itself should be unique and not be an imitation of someone’s wedding.

However, it’s not wrong to find inspiration from other people’s weddings, but the point here is about being content with what you can afford at the moment.  

You’ll find different videos of talk-of-the-town kinds of weddings online and may love to replicate some. Not bad, but if it’s detrimental to your financial status, let it pass. 

Don’t be tempted to or even let someone tempt you to imitate a wedding style when you don’t have the capacity. It’s stressful! Go on with your small wedding if that’s what you can afford. There are many ways you can make your small wedding special.

7- Do not sweat over the little stuff

The wedding day is a huge milestone in the couple’s life; hence they try as much as they can to make it perfect, and when they run into some hiccups, they tend to sweat over it. Life is not perfect; hence it is normal to encounter little problems while planning your wedding. 

Instead of sweating over it and stressing yourself out, you should focus on the bigger picture. Do not worry so much if the wedding flower is not in season or the designer that should design your wedding outfit is not available. 

Rather, take a deep breath, focus on the big picture, remember your reason for getting married, and find a solution to the problem if you can. 


No doubt, planning your big day can be a bit stressful; however, with these seven tips, you can easily minimize the stress that comes with planning. 

In the process of planning, ensure that you do not forget your spouse, take quality time to go on dates, discuss things outside the wedding preparations, and so on. 

You should also not forget to take some “me” time to get away from the planning process. Taking a day or two off planning for some spa, massage, manicure, and pedicure sessions will not affect the planning process—that may even be counted as part of the planning. 

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