Five Must-Have Assignments That Develop Your Writing Skills

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There are a lot of things that you like about studying. School and college years are frequently sung in movies, TV shows, books, and songs. There are a lot of things that you experience for the first time during your school and college years. Like falling in love for the first time, experiencing the first break-up, and making the first steps in your adult life.

Do you know what generally remains unsung in pop culture? Studying per se. Cracking that mathematical expression. Solving that chemistry equation. Fascinating, right? Somehow, failing in something becomes art’s target more frequently than succeeding in something.

Let’s put it this way: you won’t be remembered for knowing the events that led to the Cold War. But you will be remembered if you say aloud that you thought it was called that way because it took place in Antarctica.

That’s kinda a funny story that you may add to one of your novels if you’re planning to become a writer. That means messing up in other subjects may not be a big thing; what’s most important is that you’re good at writing essays. Surprisingly, even if you want to become a writer, it doesn’t mean that you enjoy doing writing assignments.

  • The Link Between Pollution and Urbanization
  • Must Facebook Use Be Limited?
  • Should Plastic Be Banned?
  • Education Should Be Free
  • Should We Ban “Real Housewives”?

Yes, you will unlikely find those topics interesting, especially if you’re planning to write a novel about a guy who falls into a coma and ends up in a different dimension (if you liked the idea, make sure that you’re not plagiarizing anyone, as we are not sure about it). The topics listed above make you think about ordering a paper from some assignment writing service to get things done properly.

Yes, the boring topic rarely becomes fascinating out of the blue, but it’s writing it that matters. No matter what topic you explore, practice per se helps shape your writing skills. And there are several types of essays that can come in handy with that.


Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay requires explaining an object, a person, or even a scent to the reader. Think about the books that you read. Do you often meet characters simply described as, let’s say, “boring”? No, most likely, the author describes the way the character speaks, the topics they are talking about, and the way they act, so you come to the understanding that the character is indeed boring.

The same goes for the smell. You cannot immerse the reader into the atmosphere of, let’s say, a horror novel by putting it as “it smelled of death.” What kind of smell is that? Here you need to do research to come up with something that will definitely invoke the association with death. And writing a descriptive essay comes as a great assignment help in this case.


Narrative Essay

This type of essay is crucial for anyone who intends to become a writer. But if you don’t plan to become one, a narrative essay will help you explain a lot of things throughout your life. As this type of essay includes an introduction, setting, characters, plot, and climax, it’s basically the best way you can learn how to tell a story. And the core idea is entertainment.

You see, unlike other essay types where you have to prove a certain viewpoint, a narrative essay aims to engage the reader. It’s a story that needs to be told in a way to entertain the audience. If you’re planning a career in writing, never buy assignment when it comes to narrative essays. Such assignments help develop good pacing and check out the attitude toward your writing style.


Expository Essay

Another type of essay, which is crucial for developing your writing skills, is an expository one. It’s also important for any type of job that you may have. There are going to be times when you’ll have to explain an issue, a task, or a demand clearly.

An expository essay requires students to explain a particular topic and express their opinion on it. First, you introduce the topic and display your point of view. Then, you need to expand on them while providing various pieces of supporting evidence. This type of essay not only allows you to reveal your opinion but also shows how to support it with examples.


Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay goes even further than its expository counterpart. If the latter simply requires an essay writers to express and support their point of view, the former should convince the reader to agree with the stated opinion. And it has to do much more with style than just with burying the reader under piles of facts and pieces of supporting evidence.

Yes, supporting evidence is necessary, but what’s more important is to have clear wording when writing a persuasive essay. It must have no complicated sentences and jargon; otherwise, you’ll fail to convince the reader. This type of essay helps you to learn when to toy with words and when you should avoid toying with them.


Argumentative Essay

In many respects, an argumentative essay is a fusion of expository and persuasive essay types. Here, you need to explore the topic, present your opinion on it, and with the aid of examples and pieces of supporting evidence, prove that your point of view is the best one possible. Writing them will help you tremendously if you’re planning to make a career of writing murder mystery books; or if you want to become a journalist; or a lawyer.

But what if it’s not the case and you have zero interest in the topic? The easy way around is to browse through the best essay writing services, pick the one which suits you the best, and get your paper done by somebody else. But there’s something that you’re missing.

Argumentative essays are generally written on controversial topics. And to write a successful essay, you need to study all the points of view on it. Let’s say the topic is “Must the Death Penalty Be Abolished?”. The obvious arguments for the abolishment are the cases where innocent people were wrongfully charged. But then comes the question of whether a life sentence is enough for murderers.

With controversial topics, it’s sometimes hard to even generate your own point of view. So, you have to check out all the contradicting opinions on the issue and convince the reader that your idea is better than others.

Final Thoughts

It’s always tempting to entrust assignment writers with your essays, especially when you lack time to do justice to the work. But writing essays can be really fascinating, even when you’re struggling with a boring topic.

Besides, you are developing your writing skills that will later come in handy when you’re composing a cover letter or an email for your co-workers, writing a book or an article, or simply sharing interesting stories with your friends.

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