13 Key Tips For Credit Card Security

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From using a credit card to bet in sports books to playing your favorite casino games, enhanced security measures can help protect your account. While credit cards are safer than debit cards which link to your bank balance, staying vigilant can protect you from fraud. That’s why you need our advice for credit card security.

Below we will explore ways to stay safe online so you can confidently play your favorite games (and win the BIG BUCKS!).


Ways to Secure Your Credit Card Online

The Federal Trade Commission estimates that nearly 1.1 million fraud and identity-related thefts occurred at the beginning of 2022. However, practicing credit card safety can help when gambling online:


Securing Your Computer and Emails

1. Install and Maintain Antivirus Software

To avoid having your credit card details hijacked by a virus or malware (malicious software hackers use to steal data), turn on your firewall and use antivirus software (Norton, Bitdefender, Eset) that blocks threats and spyware.

After downloading antivirus software, let it automatically run updates to block new hacking attempts.  

2. Create Strong Passwords and Routinely Change Them

Passwords should include numbers, symbols, and letters in upper and lower case, and update them every few months to keep them off the dark web. 

Never use personally identifying information (birthdays, addresses, pet names). If you have multiple accounts, use an online password management system. 

3. Avoid Sharing Your Accounts and Passwords

Parents and children mistakenly share passwords over the phone, online, and in public. However, never give your passwords, user ID, or router information publicly to avoid cyber threats.

4. Recognize a Potential Phishing Scam

If you are looking for legit online casinos that accept credit cards, you want to avoid fake offers. 

Hackers use phishing scams to collect legitimate information over the phone, online, and in emails. 

An email might state “Your FED EX package was sent back…” Whether you expect a package or not, go to the delivery website. 

5. Check for Misspellings

Fake businesses might send urgent emails with misspellings in the subject line asking you to update your account but links to a malicious website that will steal your data. Instead, if you are in Gmail, hover over the email message, and if it does not say, for example, it might be fake. 

6. Avoid Emotional Messages

Legitimate institutions like banks and the IRS will never call or email and demand payment or ask for your personal information as they send their queries in writing. 


Confirming Casino Websites

7. Only Use HTTPS Casino Sites

New member casino free spin offers are enticing, especially if they are worth hundreds of dollars. 

Before giving your bank data and details, look for “https://” in the search bar, not http://. If the ‘s’ is missing, the site is not secured, and you should NOT gamble on it. 

8. Avoid Public Wi-Fi without a VPN

Free wifi at your coffee shop, the airport, or hotel is not monitored. Hackers can use Man-in-the-Middle attacks and privately connect, letting them see your financial data and passwords. Instead, download a virtual private network (VPN) like ExpressVPN, Nord, or CyberGhost. 

VPNs secure your IP address and information in a tunnel where prying eyes cannot see it.

9. Use Virtual or Prepaid Credit Cards 

Virtual credit cards are like prepaid cards. They provide a random 16-digit number not linked to your bank account. It’s extra protection if you are unsure about a new casino site and do not want to keep your debit card number private. 

10. Set Up Your Casino Account with a Digital Wallet

Digital wallets ( Wallet, PayPal, CashApp) let you store money on their bank-grade, encrypted site. However, they are NOT FDIC-insured, so for large casino winnings, open a savings account instead (preferably one with a high-interest rate for better returns!).


Other Steps to Avoid Identity Theft

11. Set up Account Alerts

Account alerts are emails, push notifications, or text messages of any activity in your account. You can also set dollar amount caps to avoid large transactions. In your digital wallet, follow the steps to set up the alert on your phone. 

12. Report Fraud ASAP

If you see a suspicious charge on your account, report it. Delaying reporting might affect how much your bank or credit card provider refunds you, and some might reject your claim if you do not report fraud ASAP.

13. Review Your Bank Statements and Credit Report

Millions of dollars are stolen from people every year. To beat fraudsters at their own game, routinely review your bank statements and report transactions you did not make. Review your credit report and confirm the account names and dates.



How can you tell if a casino site is not legit? 

Avoid a gambling operator that uses “HTTP” instead of “HTTPS” in the search bar. It means the site is not secure.

Is public wifi safe at a hotel?

Yes and no. While surfing the net is okay, if you need to add user IDs, passwords, and credit card data, add a VPN to encrypt your identity. 

How can I stay safe on a casino site?

If you are new to a casino site, to stay safe, use a virtual credit card (to avoid giving your bank data) or fund your account with cryptos so you can play anonymously. Only make a small deposit to confirm you can withdraw the money and read the reviews!


Wrap Up

Protecting yourself online is vital if you enjoy casino games like poker, blackjack, slots, and betting on sports. Using antivirus software, VPNs, and virtual credit cards are a few ways to protect your identity. If you suspect fraud in your email, bank account, or credit report, report it to stop cyber thieves in their tracks! 

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