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Jamie Foxx Appears in the Public First Time Since Being Hospitalized – Social Media Reacts to an Alleged Cloned Jamie Foxx

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Jamie Foxx helps mother in Chicago in finding her lost purse. 

This has been the first time since Jamie has been hospitalized that he has appeared in the public eye. 

Jamie Foxx sent out a post in May stating that he was recovering from the stroke with  a post on Instagram but most people were still trying to figure out if he was really okay. 

Many fans were determined to see him after seeing his post but there still were no images of him after the post on IG. 

In a recent video the lady who lost her purse in Chicago recorded the transaction between her and Jamie Foxx. 

Viral Video of Jamie Foxx Returning a Mother’s Purse in Chicago 

She was beyond grateful and we were excited to see him out and about after being hospitalized. 

But it seems as though that wasn’t his first time being spotted in the streets. He was allegedly spotted on a yacht waving at fans who were near by. 

Jamie Foxx on His Yacht, Allegedly… 

But after the video, it seems as though people still aren’t sure if it was Jamie or not. A viral picture of what people are calling his “clone” has entered the internet. 

Many people are speaking about Jamie being cloned and are having a fit that they have not heard anything from the legend. 

Jamie, just let us know you’re alright because the people will not stop. 

Here is What Twitter is Saying About Jamie Foxx Alleged Clone

Do you think that Jamie Foxx was cloned? The streets will talk about anything. 

Let us know your thoughts! 

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