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[UPDATE] New Evidence Comes to Light About Carlee Russell Kidnapping – Social Media is Outraged

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Carlee Russell kidnapping has the world wondering what was true… 

The Initial Story of Carlee Russell

Days after being found missing, Carlee Russell searched many suspicious things on Google, according to police reports from the Hoover Police Station.

From recent reports, it seems as though Russell decided to search for ways to take money out of a register without being caught, if you have to pay for an Amber alert, the Birmingham bus station and the most known movie Taken.

It seems as though Carlee was allegedly trying to fake her kidnapping according to the evidence that was discovered by police in Hoover.

They also tracked her movements that led up to the alleged kidnapping, when they discovered that she made many stops between then and the time she was discovered missing.

Minutes before the incident she called 911 to report a toddler walking alongside the highway where she started to follow behind the toddler in her vehicle.

After the 911 call, that reportedly lasted for two minutes, she then proceeded to call her sister in-law who stated that she lost connection with Russell during the phone call but the line stayed opened.

On Saturday July 15, Carlee Russell was found safe back at her parents house.

After the Hoover Police Conference, there was many speculation about abduction of Carlee Russell which created a lot of friction in the black community.

Many people claimed that they never believed Carlee in the first place, while others were disappointed at the fact that she may have lied about her kidnapping.

As many people give their opinions about the story, we are still uncovering the pieces that led to the missing 25 year old woman.


It has been confirmed from Russell’s lawyer that it was indeed a hoax made by Carlee. He also states that she is asking for forgiveness in the things that has occurred.

As many people wondered if what Carlee said was true over the last few days, it was indeed fake news that she was kidnapped and also saw a toddler on the highway.

People are outraged as to why she would claim to have been kidnapped and in harms way. Hoover police are determining the charges that will be held against her during this time along with her parents who also claimed that she was abducted as well.

Carlee’s boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend, has reached out on social media and is taken aback about Carlee story and claims that he is disappointed in her actions and they have went their separate ways as well.

Carlee kidnapping

We are still in shock at the story that Carlee developed over the few days in being kidnapped and we hope that  she finds the forgiveness she needs.

More to the decision of the Hoover Police in the charges that may be coming to Carlee and her parents will be announced when more comes to light.

Here’s What Twitter Had to Say About the Carlee Russell Kidnapping

Let us know your thoughts about the case in the comments below.

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