DJ Webstar: The Youngin’ That Big Boys Watch

DJ Webstar

From DJing parties for kids all over Harlem… 

to making music for people all over the world

“If I had to say, it would be ‘Feel Good Music.’ If you listen to my music I want it to put you in a better state of mind,” says Troy Ryan better known as DJ Webstar when asked how he would describe his music. One thing is for sure, it’s hard to stay in your seat when songs like “Chicken Noodle Soup” and “Dancin’ On Me” come on your iPod.

Straight from 128th St. and Convent Avenue in Harlem, DJ Webstar has been working as a DJ on the ones and two’s for five years now, and rapping and producing music since 2000. Now his time has arrived to make a major splash in the rap game, with two hit singles under his belt, and a new album coming our early 2010, Hip-Hop heads better have their surfboards prepared for the next wave…

Earlier in his career, Webstar mainly focused on the younger generation, DJing at Harlem teen parties, but now the 22-year-old Scorpio is stretching his sound to a more mature audience. “I mainly focus on younger folks, but it’s getting more mature,” Webstar explains. “Thirteen to twenty-four, that’s the demographics that’s buying records. In ATL, North and South Carolina, kids in the country want to have fun.”

It’s great that someone wants to cater to the younger generation, being that a lot of the more popular music really runs through their ears nowadays, rap music or otherwise. Shows like 106 and Park show this shift in music, whether the old heads from the 90’s like it or not. “It’s different from what I’m used to seeing, being from a different era” said Webstar, whose favorite album is Biggie’s Life After Death. “I’ll be watching 106 and Park and see no N.Y. artists and be like, ‘What’s goin’ on??’ But, everyone has their time. Music is changing.”


Webstar’s song, “Chicken Noodle Soup,” featuring his fellow Harlemite Young B, is a prime example of how much music has changed, and what’s popular today. “The kids created the dance,” said Webstar. “You never know what’s going on in kids mind. Young B and I wrote the lyrics when I picked her up from school one day.” Simple as 1-2-3. There you have a hit, and an international YouTube craze that took place seemingly overnight.


Webstar met Young B while DJing one of his parties in Harlem. After hearing her spit, he took her under his wing. “I have a personal relationship with everyone in Harlem; I’m either someone’s big brother or lil’ brother.” If Webstar is a big brother to Young B, then Webstar is a little brother to the likes of Diddy, whom he gains advice from almost every day, and Jim Jones, who actually wanted to sign him after hearing “Chicken Noodle Soup.” That deal fell through, but the two ended up working together eventually, joining forces on the recent release Jim Jones Presents Webstar: The Rooftop.

“The first single was “Dancin’ On Me,” and me and Jim just had good chemistry,” said Webstar. “Dancin On Me” is a track that’s definitely geared more towards the more mature age group, and the title of the track speaks for itself. It just shows Webstar’s growth as an artist. The Rooftop was produced mostly by DJ Webstar himself. In addition to Jim Jones the album features Juelz Santana, T-Rex, Styles P and Young B.

Besides doing the album together, Jones also helped Webstar ink his solo deal label and distribution deal with Universal Records. “Signing the deal was fun! I got a lot of money, and I was still young and messed up a lot of money,” said Webstar. “I’m still learning.”

Although he is the CEO of his own label, Scrilla Hill Records, it’s still very early in his career. Webstar has got a long way to go before his career is over and done with. Webstar has gone from DJing parties for kids in Harlem, to making music for people all over the world, but this is only the beginning. The business aspect of the rap game could be better though. “It’s the nastiest business to be in, because almost 97 percent of the people you meet are phony!” Webstar exclaimed. “Everybody is in a dog-eat-dog situation. You just gotta keep the people who you know have your best interest close and handle everyone else accordingly.”

The sky and beyond seem to be the limit for the young DJ. His first solo album is set to be released in March 2010. So far, Webstar has worked with the likes of Diddy, Ron Browz, The New Boyz, Serani and Pleasure P on the project. His first single off the album, is called “BFF,” featuring Cassie. Webstar has produced most of the tracks himself, but Dame Grease and Miz have also thrown beats to the currently untitled project.

“I just want to keep being original, and show people that you don’t have to be negative to make good music.”

Images By Daniel Norton for Parlé Magazine


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