Willie Taylor of Day 26 Is All Grown Up With A Sex Tape

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Willie Taylor has a ‘Sex Tape’

Willie Taylor isn’t just a member of the popular R & B group Day 26, he’s also a songwriter that has ventured into becoming a solo artist, launching his own mixtape titled
Sex Tape this Valentine’s Day for free on his official website, www.noviakmusic.com. With an album title like that, this is definitely music for the grown & sexy. Here’s a look at some of our recent interview with Willie about Sex Tape.


He’s Come A Long Way From Making The Band

Parlé: What topics do you discuss on this album?
Willie: I wanted this mixtape to be the soundtrack to your bedroom. With songs like ‘Sex Conversation’ and ‘Make your Mind Wander’ you have an idea of what you can expect from me.

Parlé: Were there any artists that inspired the songs on your mixtape?
Willie: I was inspired by Silk, R. Kelly, Blackstreet and Jodeci for this mixtape. I really wanted to record an album where you don’t have to search for multiple artists to get that bedroom music going on.

Parlé: Did you collaborate with any Day 26 members?
Willie: It’s strictly me, but you can prepare for a re-release of Sex Tape, which will include collaborations from Jeremih and Lupe Fiasco.

Parlé: What inspired the name of your music label?
Willie: Noviak is my son’s name spelled backwards. He’s given me my second breath. It’s because of him I have to provide.”

Parlé: What’s the status of Day 26?
Willie: We’re heading back into the studio to record the third album. We’re taking it to another level. We know exactly what the fans want and expect from us.”

Parlé: Can you confirm that Que is no longer a member of Day 26?
Willie: No, he is no longer a member of the group. We wish him the best. It’s business lost, not family lost. We have to keep it moving and have faith in each other.”

Parlé: Are you working on any other projects?
Willie: Right now I’m focusing on the release of my mixtape but I also have a female clothing line debuting called Rip it Off.

Parlé: Where do you look to for inspiration?
Willie: God, I believe he will take care of me. My mixtape is self-funded, everything is. I want to get what I deserve. God gives you your own dream and this is my calling; it’s all I know. I want my fans to understand that your dream is your dream.

Parlé: How can fans keep in touch with you?
Willie: They can follow me on my Twitter and MySpace

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