Beyonce’s Cosmetology School

Last Friday, the Grammy award winning artist Beyoncé Knowles and her mother Tina Knowles, whom is a fashion designer celebrated the opening of their Cosmetology Center at the Phoenix house in Brooklyn, New York.

The Center will be opened in Beyoncé’s name. It is a seven month training program that will help recovering substance abusers gain a skill that will help usher them back into the work force. The icon grew up in her mother’s hair salon as a child and her mother also worked as a costume designer. Then back in 2007 her mother, Tina Knowles got the idea to open up the cosmetic school after a visit to the residential phoenix house.

Also in attendance were New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the OASAS Commissioner Karen Carpenter-Palumbo and the Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. Brooklyn’s President Marty claimed the Beyoncé was official a “Brooklynite” because of her moxie and her husband who is a native.

Beyoncé has pledged to give an annual $100,000 to the school. Beyoncé says that the women have inspired her through their stories. She says the first step to recovery is caring about ones appearance and she hopes that the cosmetology school will help them in that aspect.


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