Paper Trail book review – a novel by Arlene Brathwaite

Paper Trail is Arlene Brathwaite’s 4th novel, but the first I’ve had the pleasure of reading. It’s actually the third of a series of books that follow the characters Brian Moore and Devon Carter through the ups and downs of the hustle. The first couple in the set, Youngin’ and Ol’ Timer focused on the team, but Paper Trail focuses on Devon after his partner is locked up in New York City and he finds himself on the run.

Although this book is part of a series the reader is able to get right into it whether they’ve read the first couple books or not. From the beginning of this one Devon finds himself in Jamaica trying to rebuild his empire with a totally new team and a mission to do right by his incarcerated friend.

The author Brathwaite sets up these series of books as if they are based on real lives and the novel is based on interviews with the people. I’m not sure if that is actually the case or if its just to pull the reader in, but that would definitely explain the amount of detail that went into this book and into the characters. I was surely enthralled by way the author tied the story together and made it all seem so believable. Everything that takes place in the book feels so real and makes it all that much more enjoyable for the reader. Whether you’re driving down a rocky road in Jamaica or at nightclub in London, or even a shootout in New York, you have a front row seat for all the action.

The book does have an interesting end, with a few characters popping up that are from previous books, which kind of make you wish you had read the other books first. That kind of threw me off, but I’m sure people who have read the other books in the series were thrilled with the ending.

Overall, Paper Trail is a great piece of urban fiction and a must read for lovers of the genre.

Paper Trail
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