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If you have managed to keep an eye on the music industry then you would know that the skilled and talented duo of visionary producers J Remy and Bobby Bass of OFM Productions are not the type of people anyone should take lightly or overlook. OFM, which stands for Orange Factory Music recently won an ASCAP award for their contribution to the hit song “Down” by Cash Money/Universal Republic artist Jay Sean. I was fortunate enough to catch up with one-half of OFM, J Remy and gain insight to his view of things in the industry.

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When asked how OFM got its start J Remy explained, “OFM steams from our college days, we abbreviated Orange Factory Music in an attempt to be cool. I was touring as a musician with a side project I happened to be working with at the time and Bobby was holding it down in the studio. Once I was done touring, we were able to focus our energy in the studio. Music has always been a part of our lives but instead of performing and being in the spotlight, I mainly work behind the scenes now.”


Every producer is known for his or her signature style, it is like a trademark, which lets the fans know this is their work; Dr. Dre is known for his booming bass, Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, and many others have their own unique style they add to music when they produce a track. I had to ask, what is OFM’s particular trademark style. “I guess our signature style would be Urban Dance, before this we were best known for our remix to Chris Brown’s song “Forever.” Up until that point pretty much everyone had done a remix for that particular song, people seemed to really like our version. It got heavy spins on UK stations.”


When asked if he would ever be tempted to get back on the microphone with some of the artist he’s helped with producing (like some notable producers have been known to do) he laughs then says, “Naw, I wanna tell you that it’s all about the music, but women are what really fuel me. When I was younger I played piano and Bobby played guitar. When I stepped off the stage from my own musical career I was done with performing as far as that goes. I’ve made a few cameos in some music videos, but that’s about it.”


Being able to work with some great artists like Fabolous, Birdman, Jay Sean and many more can be quite overwhelming for some, but OFM calls their creation process “organic”. They wait til an artist arrives in the studio, then they feel them out and just let the music take it from there.


J Remy offers words of advice to up and coming producers, “Learn to play an instrument. There are too many “producers” out here who don’t know anything about music. They might be doing okay now but for how long? Learn to play an instrument and learn to play it well.”


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