It’s Not North vs. South; It’s Dope vs. Wack

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Aight, to get straight to the point here, Electronica is that dude.  He’s had basically a “hood hit” with “Exhibit C,” and a well-respected mixtape in Eternal Sunshine: The Pledge, but I believe that this Kay Slay situation almost got out of hand.  This could have easily turned into a North vs. South beef, and next thing you know we have a new rendition of the Civil War.  At this moment in time, I don’t think Hip-Hop is in need of that right now.  Even so, for Electronica to say that there are down south artists that would crush NY artists lyrically is a little bit over the top, if I do say so myself.  The down south artists that are the cream of the crop hold their own on tracks with NY rappers, but the cream of the crop of NY is the cream of the crop period.

Kay Slay went on to name guys that weren’t even signed to major deals that would give the biggest south stars the business, like Serius Jones, Papoose, and Joell Ortiz.  Don’t get me wrong, the south has artists that take care of beats seriously.  Ludacris is definitely ludicrous and T.I., in my opinion, leads the way. 


At the end of the day, lyricism isn’t the south’s niche.  Most of the rappers are depicted as just having candy painted cars, big, loud bassy beats, subpar lyrics and extremely catchy hooks.  As Waka Flocka Flame said in so many words that lyricism isn’t important.  Maybe I just have New York ears, Brooklyn ears more specifically, but I don’t see how anyone can listen to him on record.  Somehow, someway, as Jadakiss put it on his mixtape, Waka Flocka Flame is one of the biggest rap stars we have now. 

I don’t see how he’s gotten to the success level he’s gotten to, but something with that has to happen.  I can’t knock on a man for getting his money, but at some point there has to be respect for the craft.  I believe T.I. has it, Gucci, Ross, Wayne and others, but that respect is dwindling.  Long gone are the days where lyrics sold records and caught the attention.  Nowadays, anyone can be a star, with the right video, look and beat.   Rap music is about making money more than hot rhymes.  But! I weep when I hear Waka Flocka at the forefront of our genre; and another person is Tweeting Fab asking him if he really feels like he should go to hell because he’s a piece of shit, it aint hard to fuckin’ tell, listening to the beginning of Fab’s verse on “Suicide two” off of The Funeral Service.  I would hope that someone got that man a Ready to Die album quick!

That’s where the problem lies.  Not the North vs. the South, but, as 9th Wonder also tweeted, the dope vs. the wack.  The dope is gone, at least the dope that once was.  Never mind the damn record sales, the games integrity is falling to zero fast. 

I salute all artists that take the game seriously, as well as have fun.  I also understand that not everyone was born to rap and not everyone is talented!  I just wish more people felt the same because there are a lot of people impersonating “rappers” today.  So shout out to Tip, Wayne, (when he’s not whining all over a track and is remotely understandable), Luda, Ross, and Jeezy, Fab, Banks, Kiss, Electronica.   For the real hip-hop heads, ya’ll all we got.  I just know that it’s better to collaborate than to separate!

Once upon a time Hip-Hop was ours.  I don’t know who it belongs to now, but it isn’t us anymore.

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