Understanding The Friend Zone

Friend ZoneThere is a place where nightmares are born. A place more deranged and sadistic than the twilight zone and the outer limits combined. Many do not like to speak of this place because its very name strikes fear in the hearts of some and brings overt misery to others nevertheless to most of us this nightmare has become a reality at one time or another. Prepare to journey to a place where no one returns the same, be careful because I am about to take you on a journey into THE FRIEND ZONE.
The Friend Zone, for those who don’t know, is when someone you like more than a friend and you would possibly like to have a romantic relationship with you only wants to remain friends. This obviously varies from rejection because when someone rejects you that’s the end of that but this friend zone screws with people emotionally and mentally into thinking that if they stick around long enough then something could eventually happen. This cannot be avoided and we all go through it at least once but for some people like me we’ve become stranded within this zone of ill repent with no hope of return. I send this to you all as a cautionary tale. No matter what someone tells you, the friend zone is not a place where happiness thrives.

No one wants to be JUST FRIENDS with someone they are in love with. This place has countless victims; no one realizes the damage a place like this can cost until it is too late. I would honestly rather be rejected because when someone says ‘No.’ or that they are simply not interested that’s the end.

Although I cannot offer our readers a solid solution to this growing epidemic, I can however offer a few words of advice… these things tend to happen for a reason. I know at the time it’s hard to find a reason and you wonder why but it is very important to keep a positive mindset. Someday, we’ll all find that special someone for us, all you can do now is appreciate the friendship with that person and learn because after all life in general is a growing process, we can only hope we live long enough not to make the same mistake twice and to at least learn from the mistakes of ourselves and others.

Adrian "A.D." Dubard

Born in Washington DC, Adrian was placed in the care of his maternal grandparents after his mother died when he was a baby. For the most part of his life, Adrian’s biological father was absent from his life. Growing up with a house full of cousins, aunts and uncles, Adrian began his love of writing to document his surroundings. Attending a private school for 9 ½ years, it was there that many influential teachers help strengthen his love of writing via English and creative writing classes. Even though, Adrian loved to write he was reserved about what he wrote about. Leaving DC at the age of 7, Adrian and his family moved to Temple Hills, Maryland in Prince George’s not too far from where he had lived previously. Luckily, Adrian had taken part in many youth outreach programs as a youth that allowed him to travel and see the country, many kids he knew around his own age hadn’t even left the city. These experiences opened his eyes to other cultures and ways of living. As a teenager, Adrian had many friends who passed away before their time but he promised to keep writing to honor their memory. Other than writing, Adrian has helped various charities rise by going on public speaking tours. Some of these charities include The Safe Haven Project and The Journey of Hope. He has contributed to several book projects and currently resides in Queens, NY. Read more articles by Adrian.

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