Introducing You To Saint Louis, Missouri

Saint Louis, Missouri is one of America’s most fascinating and interesting cities. Set in the heartland of the US, the city was founded in 1764. The sixteenth largest city in the country, Saint Louis is a metropolitan. The diverse culture it encompasses fits perfectly against a conservative mom’s apple pie backdrop.


When visiting the city, one will get a sense of urbane environment. The attractions most noteworthy are the Gateway Arch, a stalwart symbol of the city, and the Saint Louis Cardinals baseball team. Saint Louis has in fact had many successful sports teams emerge such as the Saint Louis Rams (football) and the Saint Louis Blues (hockey). Nestled inside the city are the headquarters of many corporations such as Edward Jones, Charter Communications, Energizer and Anheuser-Busch Imbed.

Saint Louis, Missouri
St. Louis Cardinals logo


Entertainment is perhaps one of the cities strong suits. It is home to the second oldest orchestra in the country, the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, and the theatre district; which includes The Many (an outdoor amphitheater), the Saint Louis Black Repertory Theatre Company and The Fox Theatre, one of the largest theatrical companies in the country.


When dining in Saint Louis, there are a few staples that must be mentioned. If fast-food is your forte, stop by Checkers or White Castle. These two hamburger establishments while far-reaching are set in certain parts of the country. There is also the notable Imo’s Pizzeria, which is known for its thin crust. If fine dining is a must, it is essential for you to visit Tony’s, located downtown, internationally known, this luxury restaurant carries with it exceptional food and unmatched service; and the Crown Candy Kitchen, another staple of the city.


Saint Louis is also the hometown of some of the most recognized authors, musicians and entertainers such as comedian Redd Foxx, Sheryl Crow, Nelly, Chingy, and Cedric the Entertainer. The city also is a hub for medicine and biotechnical companies. With a plethora of schools and universities specializing in these fields, Saint Louis is on its way to becoming a bigger actor in disease and biological research.

Saint Louis, Missouri

Saint Louis is a superb city to visit and to live. The cost of living is reasonable being fifty percent lower than the national average. Saint Louis is homely with an urban twist and reaches into your soul grabbing you making it unforgettable.


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